In one short month I’ll be on my way. . .

so it’s time to put the suitcase on the spare bed and start throwing things in its general direction as I think of them,

lest I forget something very important.

iamge of Maisie the super cat

"Can I come?"

Whenever a suitcase appears, Maisie is in it.

I am working very hard to get the Maltaville quilt finished (just the top of course) before I leave next month.

Even though I have three blocks left to draft and stitch, I spent a couple of hours the other day sewing as many blocks together as I could.

Image of Maltaville progress

Pretty happy with that if I do say so myself

Of course I found that I never did get those last two calyxes sewn on the centre block, so that will be tonight’s job. . . they’re a bit fiddly.

Here’s the blocks I have completed since Christmas

image of blocks

With only three blocks to go, I think I can return most of these fabrics to the shelves now

image of my Maltaville fabrics

It probably ought to be a little bit ceremonial I think ;-)

But for now I’m going over to the Maltaville blog to do a post, the next mail-out is in a few days time so I’d better let everyone know what they’re getting.

Jenn has updated/added another couple of pages to the Quilt Station website and unfortunately subscribers are getting notification of them, which shouldn’t be happening.

I really apologise if you’re getting these unecessary emails.  Everything that should be disengaged while working behind the scenes is disengaged, but they are still getting through.  We are stuck as to why, very frustrating.

til soon


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