Quiltmania #126

Isn’t this just the most divine summery scene, perfect for the newest, mid summer edition of Quiltmania magazine.

image of Quitmania #126

Quiltmania #126

Here in the Southern Hemisphere it’s mid winter… but that’s ok too.

Inside these pages is the pattern for my Cleland Coverlet and I’m so thrilled to be able to share it with you.

image of The Cleland Coverlet

The Cleland Coverlet

As always, Quiltmania’s styling is just so beautiful.

This coverlet was such a pleasure for me to make;

Inspired by an antique coverlet which was made by Francis Cleland in Ireland in the 1700s but now resides in New Zealand.

I loved Francis’ centre design of hearts, stars and circles.  Then I added my own ‘take’ on it and the Cleland Coverlet is the result.

Grab your copy from your LQS, newsagent or direct from Quiltmania

Click HERE to see the what other *gorgeousness* is in #126…

including my friend Deirdre’s (Hat Creek Quilts) newest quilt Annabella Smythe

inage of Annabella Smythe by Deirdre Bond-Abel

Annabella Smythe by Deirdre Bond-Abel

Thanks for dropping by :)

I’m formulating another newsy, fabric inspiration post and hope to have that up here for you to enjoy in the next few weeks

’til then

happy stitching

Margaret xx

Using Backgrounds

image of Concord Massachsetts

Autumnal greetings and welcome new followers, I really appreciate you being here xx Y’know… I’ve been thinking about how you, my dear friends, can get more out of these blog posts. How can I make them more informative and inspiring for you? And if you’re not in near proximity to where I’m teaching (though that […]

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A gentle start to 2018

image of Nectarines

It’s been a hot, hot summer here at Quilt Station. Christmas and January were spent in perfect harmony. Family, Friends, Food and Festivities. Some Granddaughter time…  And a touch of garden/home reno …bliss on a stick I say. There was fruit picking galore… The Boysenberries, Nectarines and Apricots were particuarly abundant, and Delicious, this summer.  […]

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Quilts from the Colonies (not the book) Part 3

After dinner show and tell, the others had gone to bed but a few of us decided to have a little show and tell

Hello again, I think you’ll find this final part of the Colonial Quilts posts totally swoon-worthy… I sure hope so. Our tour made its way to the small town of Te Aroha in the Waikato region to view a c 1820-1830 Broderie Perse Chintz coverlet.  This coverlet, which I first visited in 2014, was the […]

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Quilts from the Colonies (not the book) … Part 2

image of 1870 English Medallion maker unknown

Welcome back… It was very hard to pull ourselves away from The Elms Mission in Tauranga. But we had to… we had an afternoon visit arranged about an hour down the road in Whakatane. Whakatane Museum https://www.whakatanemuseum.org.nz/  is closed for a year + long complete refurbishment.  So it was the  beautiful Te Kōputu a te whanga […]

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Quilts from the Colonies (not the book) … Part 1

Anne Romsey Coverlet c 1795-1830 Made in Dedham, Sussex, England. In the collection of the Auckland War Memorial Museum, New Zealand

Yes already I see I’m going to have to do this in parts, photo and info heavy post right here. I’m not long back from my wee jaunt across the ditch… to New Zealand that is. Have I got your attention? Yes… my travel companions were amused by the constant use of the word ‘wee’ […]

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Pour l’amour du fil 2017

image of Misao Wado's Nantes

Nantes was where it was all happening… As I load these photo’s I am reliving a most amazing time (Apologies in advance for a long blog post) Misao Wado’s ‘Nantes’ But of course to get to Nantes, a trip to Paris is pretty much *a must* As soon as I arrived at The Hotel Henriette […]

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Pour L’amour du Fil…

Pour L'amour du Fil

And Quilts from the Colonies book launch …here I come. The bags are packed; the kits for my classes are contained therein.  A bit of Show and Tell is also on board. I have my sewing organised for the plane and transit (all 25+ hours of it) I’ll be stitching some small blocks for more […]

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A new quilt for the New Year and a busy year ahead!

Then pick a winner.  And stick with it.

Since I posted last, my book Quilts from the Colonies has arrived in my hot little hands… I am so so thrilled with the result.  It is perfect in every way.  Quiltmania‘s talent in bringing all the quilts, photographs and patterns together in to one beautiful package just bowls me over. The two quilts shown […]

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Christmas Catch-up

image of Quilts for Life Made with Love

I know I’ve really (really) been Missing in Action. But this is what I’ve been doing… designing and finishing seventeen quilts for my very first book! Quilts that once only had *working titles* now have real names; Quilts that have been a long time in the making are finished; And new Quilts have been designed […]

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