A new quilt for the New Year and a busy year ahead!

Then pick a winner.  And stick with it.

Since I posted last, my book Quilts from the Colonies has arrived in my hot little hands…

I am so so thrilled with the result.  It is perfect in every way.  Quiltmania‘s talent in bringing all the quilts, photographs and patterns together in to one beautiful package just bowls me over.

image of Quilts from the Colonies

Seventeen projects

image of A Tisket A Tasket

a- Tisket a-Tasket

image of Sarah-Jane's Scrapbag

Sarah-Jane’s Scrapbag

The two quilts shown above are the two I will be teaching in Nantes at Pour l’amour du fil.

I’d love to have you join me in the classes so keep an eye on their website which is constantly being updated


I have managed to put the book down periodically …

and I’ve been having the loveliest time in my wee studio. Here’s what a lovely time looks like

image of studio

Enter at your own risk!

image of studio

No beautiful or glossy styling here.

But I’ve been working on a few projects simultaneously, so may my mess please be excused?

The one I’m currently working on fanatically  steadily is this one

Working title Irish Medallion

Working title Irish Medallion

 If you’ve been following along on my Instagram page you will have seen some of the progress.

Deciding on a background for the applique centre is not fast but it’s fun

Pull some possible contenders from the stash

Pull some possible contenders from the stash…

Narrow it down and stand back

Narrow it down some and stand back…

Then pick a winner.  And stick with it.

Then pick a winner. And stick with it.

I’ve completed the applique and am now spending summer evenings stitching a border of Coffin shapes, stitched using the English Paper Piecing method

ENglish Paper Piecing... very relaxing

English Paper Piecing… very relaxing

 One border done and three to go.

Happy stitching and til next







June Orr 1849

image of initials and date

I was really surprised to realise when writing the last blog post that I hadn’t written at all about the June Orr quilt which was hanging over the top of the ladder in this pic from last time

image of Antique Quilts

My ladder of Antique Quilts

 So as promised, though not as timely as promised,

( I have been back nearly two months…eeek where did that go?)

here are some pics and the ‘short’ story of the June Orr 1849 quilt.

Aren’t we just eternally grateful to our quilting sisters of yesteryear who had the presence of mind to sign and date their quilts!

image of initials and date

Initials and date, thank you June.

When I purchased the quilt back in 2012 from Cindy Rennels Quilts at the Paducah KY. quilt show it came with some provenance which tells us J.O. is June Orr.  She lived in Cannonsburg County, Pennsylvania which is just south- west of Pittsburg. 

L-R. Cindy Rennels, Me, Gerald Roy (Pilrim & Roy) Sherry Cook.

L-R. Cindy Rennels, Me, Gerald Roy (Pilrim & Roy) Sherry Cook.

The above pic is taken the day I decided June’s quilt was coming home with me, my dear friend Sherry really helped me make up my mind (yes I needed a second opinion…can you imagine it!  But as you’ll know if you’ve been to the major quilt shows in the U.S.A. the amount of antique quilts on offer is mindboggling)

Gerald Roy dropping in to the booth at the same time, and saying “great buy…I had my eye on that, well done” just capped off a great day.  Cindy and Ronnie Rennels are the most gorgeous people and I enjoy seeing them when I’m at a show.

June Orr used a classic combination of Red and Green for her nine block applique quilt.  

The green  fabric has stood up well over the 160 odd years since she made her quilt but the red has not fared as well.

This block is pretty good

This block is pretty good

This one not so well

This one not so well

The red fabric has lost its print which has ‘dropped out’ causing the small holes, in places almost the entire piece has disintergrated. But it doesn’t detract at all I feel.  It is only on a few of the blocks and it is typical of the effect of the dying processes used at the time.

I have drafted the block and started to make up my own version,  I confess this is a slow process as so many other qults tempt…but slow and steady wins the race.

image of June Orr repro

June Orr 1849 repro,

I have made more than one block I hasten to add LOL, and I have cut out most of the pieces.. Can I be so bold as to declare a ‘finishing frenzy’ or would I just end up eating my words?

With the imminent finish of the Pomegranate quilt (all blocks appliqued and just have to do the border) I actually feel excited about getting a UFO out of the cupboard, this could be the one but yes there are plenty of others to choose from.

thanks for dropping by and happy stitching,

til soon


Travel prep

image of Benjamin Biggs block 4

Isn’t it great that we can take our stitching with us when we go gadding about.  I just wish I could sew in the car though, I know many can but not me…makes me feel a tad squeamish.

Before first light tomoro I am off to New Zealand for what we now jokingly call the annual pilgrimage. As always it will be a busy time racing hither and thither and as always I am prepping my sewing for the trip.

And as always (ever the optimist) I have prepped *Heaps*.

I have decided the Benjamin Biggs block will be a nuisance to sew on the plane as it’s a bit ‘crisp’ with the Freezer Paper method I used this time.

image of Benjamin Biggs block 4

So Benjamin Biggs is out of the cabin bag, but will be in the suitcase.

Onboard sewing is now back-basting of the last three corner blocks for the Pomegranate Quilt…too easy, no scissors and should be pretty quick.

image of Applique Back Basting prep

Roll these up and stick 'em in my handbag ;-)

I had already marked the back and *lightly* glued the blue fabric to the background so this is all good to go.

One corner block is already back-basted and ready for appliqueing.

image of Applique Back Basting prep

This morning I made all the remaining outer pomegranates (Red) and since taking the photo have made the remaining middle section (orange Cheddar),  I’m now making the uppermost elipse (Red).

image of Applique prep

To see how the Pomegranate blocks are looking so far click here

Now for a little bit of eye candy.

image of Antique Quilts

My ladder of Antique Quilts (and assorted pieces)

I bought a ladder to display my antique quilts but they don’t all fit.  I have had fun arranging and rearranging as you can imagine.

The top quilt you have seen before, it’s a dated 1849 quilt from Cannonsburg, Pennsylvania,  made by June Orr.

And you know what? I’ve just discovered I haven’t blogged about as I thought, I just went back to find the post and there isn’t one.  So as soon as I get back I will do a post but there is a pic to whet your appetitie  here.

The next two down (the Prince’s Feather and the Red & Green Applique) were purchases from Houston in 2013 so I will do those too.

And as a postscript to the last post…all that lovely Autumn foliage.  This morning I opened the kitchen blinds to see a lone rose.  I happen to live in an area that has a very long rose season… and I sure planted plenty.

So with only nine days until the start of Winter please enjoy this, especially if your rose season is shorter than mine.

image of Alchemist rose

Last rose of the season, Alchemist by David Austin.

But I’ve tricked you (or I’ve been tricked) because there is one more *last* rose just spotted as I was coming back to the studio after lunch

image of roseI’ve been wracking my brains for the name of this one.  It is a David Austin and I do know it but it’s just down filtering down today.

I have to go finish my last little pile of elipses.

til soon 

Happy Stitching



image of Spring

I was thinking of the sorrow and joy DH (Lindsay) and I have had here at chez Quilt Station over the last few months, it’s just ‘life’ and the same for all of us really.  And it has been a whirlwind of racing hither and thither, but at the same time still just going through the paces of the day…work, fun  and laughter…plus some tears.

And so Spring has snuck up on us with all the promise of new things it might bring.

image of Spring

Spring at Quilt Station

Our beloved Rollo went in to decline and in early August

we made the decision to send her off to the great doggy park in the sky.

We suspected she would not be with us through another winter but it broke our hearts none the less.  We miss her but the rawness has subsided.

But what a lovely long life she had, and she got to be on this blog and in Quiltmania magazine…she be famous ;-)

image of Rollo

Rollo enjoying Christmas a few years ago...seems like yesterday.

Then Lindsay and I had the very great joy of becoming Grandparents, a few days after we lost Rollo we welcomed

Harriet Louise Mew in to our hearts.

image of Harriet

Harriet and Papa Lin, he's still got the knack.

Quilting Life stuff now :-)

Later in August I went up to Brisbane to meet up with friends from the Victorian Quilt Study Group for the V&A exhibition Quilts 1700-1945.

No photo’s were allowed of the quilts but I’m sure many of you have the book and/or have seen the exhibition either in Brisbane or in London.

Of course the Exhibition was wonderful & inspiring, and it was just lovely to get away to warmer climes for a few days…wear sandals for the first time in months, stroll around in the warmth and sunshine.  I left Melbourne wearing coat & scarf, in howling winds and  bitterly cold.  Then two hours later I’m in warm, sunny Brisbane feeling very glad I did throw a pair of sandals in the suitcase at the last minute.

And it was a perfect time to relax and sew…

image of sewing

I sewed at the museum

image of sewing

I sewed at the Hotel, just catching the last afternoon rays of sunshine before heading down to Happy Hour ;-)

image of sewing

And a few days later headed to NZ (but more of that later) and sewed on the plane.

Many thanks to Janet O’Dell for organising the trip to Brisbane, and to Maureen for being a super ‘roomie’.

One of the nights we all went to a great Mexican restaturant at Southbank and noticed the designs on the ceiling were applique possibilites.

image of Design ideas

There's a few design ideas here.

Then we had fun re-arranging the tiles into applique possibilities

image of Mexican Tilesimage of Mexican Tilesimage of Mexican Tiles

And from Brisbane I took the oppportunity of nipping across the Tasman to New Zealand for 10 days to see how my Mum is doing…

…Not great, for the first time she didn’t know who I was although it did seem to filter down as the days went on.  She is a lot more confused about things now, and I learnt over this last weekend that she has declined further still.  Am waiting to hear how things are progressing before deciding to drop everything and go over or not.

My sewing, and the friends it has given me, continues to be a constant in this ever evolving time.
I’ve enjoyed catching up and sharing at Quilts in the Barn this last weekend as well as a much needed play day with Linda…just us, plus Sea Breeze Quilters  Quilt-in earlier this month.

And as if life wasn’t busy enough, I am involved in the new Applique Guild of Australia

Several of us have been working towards an Australian guild specifically for applique for a couple of years, slowly chipping away at the format we felt would be beneficial to members and in July this year we launched it at Melbourne Quilt Showcase and on-line (where most of the ‘action’ will take place)

So ‘Life’ has been full indeed.

On the sewing front I don’t have a lot to show you, I seem to have a disparate assortment of projects in the studio which I am constantly moving to make room for something else I need/want to work on.

image of Rising Sun Medallion

Rising Sun Medallion in progress

And still chugging along with the paper cut applique

image of Paper cut applique

One more Indigo to applique and then a fabric choice to make for the centre block.

 I will be at Houston Market and Festival this year, leaving in three weeks.  Very much looking forward to that again.  If you’re going to be there let me know…it would be nice to meet up.

Well the coffee machine is on and I will grab a much needed cup of caffeine.

Thanks for stopping by, I know I’ve been very slack in the blogging department and I appreciate that you’re still here

til soon

Margaret xx

Repro Fabrics Galore, Merry Stitching, and Happy Blogging in 2013

image of Best of Friends quilt

Oh dear this blog post was to be my pre-Christmas catch up ~ oooops

I think even if I squint it can’t still be the 25th somewhere in the world so I hope you all had a fabulous day yesterday with the ones you love.

My son is still here as his wife had to work today :-( so he and his Dad are playing with boy toys in the shed and,

after a morning of putting the house back together, I am pottering/tidying in my studio after a perfect day yesterday with my nearest and dearest.

Life is good.

I have a list as long as my arm of things I want to do over January, so a clean and organised studio space is a must.  But of course it doesn’t take long for me to mess it up again.

I still had sitting on the floor the bundles of fabric I bought in Houston, I want to show you them as there are some great fabrics for the repro afficionados amongst us.

I bought these at Cotton in the Cabin ‘s booth at Festival.  Unfortunately the website doesn’t show these wonderful bundles,

image of 19th c repro fabric bundle

labeled Walnut Root Dye circa 1850-1860

 but they are worth a phone call or email I think if you were looking for early repro’s.  I don’t know where in the States they are situated.

Here is the same bundle unrolled for a better look, I’m not sure if Walnut Root Dye circa 1850-1860 was the name of the range or if this is just a mix of era appropriate fabric prints/colours.

image of 19th C repro fabrics

these only have Baum Textiles on the selvage

This next bundle is labeled Bannister Hall c 1830 and this was a range, called Bannister Hall Summerhouse by Xenia Cord for Freespirit.

I don’t recall seeing this range at all in Australia so would be interested to know if it came to our shores.

image of 19th C repro fabric

Bannister Hall Summerhouse by Xenia Cord

I already had those two fat quarters of one print from an earlier US shopping spree so was thrilled to get another fat quarter to play with.

Next up is American Beauty.

image of 19th C repro fabric

American Beauty by Mary Koval for Windham Fabrics

A few of the above I have in the stash already but am down to scarily small amounts so very pleased to have found some more

and the last bundle I bought, although I should’a, could’a, would’a bought many more was titled Koval and Friend,

image of 19th c repro fabrics

just a gorgeous selection of 19th c prints

and is a nice selection of prints.  I checked with Mary and she just laughed,  she couldn’t remember who the friend was but two selvages hint at it being Bethany Fuller.  In the absence of complete selvage info I am guessing these were all Windham fabrics.  A few I had seen before but others were new to me.

From a different booth, I did take a card but can’t put my hand on it at the mo, I found an early piece which intrigued me.

In the picture below it is the base print I found, Discovery by Jinny Beyer for RJR fabrics,

image of Discover America 1492 fabric

Discovery by Jinny Beyer for RJR Fabrics. Commemorating Columbus's 1492 discovery of the Americas.

a commemorative range 1492-1992 of Christopher Columbus’s discovery of the Americas.  The other four fabrics surfaced when my friend Sherry said “I’ve got some of that range” and there ensued a flurry of activity searching the shelves.  A bit of swapping followed and now I have five pieces from the range.

During the same shelf search, these early Jinny Beyer Shirttails surfaced, and thanks to Sherry’s generosity these found their way home with me too.

image of Reproduction shirting fabrics

Jinny Beyer Shirttails for RJR Fabrics

Trawling Sherry’s fabric stash ended up being a Jinny hunt and I have to show you this because I think it’s beautiful.

image of Jinny Beyer fabric

Jinny Beyer for RJR Fashion Fabrics, that's all the selvage says.

A bit of picotage, full blown flowers in that brilliant blue I love ~ it hints at being teal, brown and some Perkins Purple.  Is this one of the best repro’s or what? To my mind it is and it’s from a time when we didn’t really buy repro’s cos we hadn’t coined that term yet.

From Cotton in the Cabin I also bought these two prints from South Africa, these are on the website.

image of Shweshwe quilting fabric

Shweshwe quilting fabric, printed in South Africa by Da Gama Textiles

I think with some tea-dyeing these could pass for mid 19th c Prussian Blue repro’s.  That’s on my list to do through January,

add to list ~ buy plain pack tea bags.

Well it’s nearly 2013 and I am reflecting on what an amazing 2012 I have had, I feel very, very fortunate.

I have had some wonderful opportunities arise and I am grateful I was able to grab them with gusto.  I have met quite a few overseas blogging friends in person this year, you all know who you are and it has been brilliant to meet you all (and y’all).  I have made closer friendships online with others even if we haven’t met up ~ yet… And I have met and made new friends so I am a lucky girl indeed.

Thank you for dropping by and being interested in what I am doing here in my little neck of the woods, I really appreciate the support and friendships I have made here.

But I’m not done yet ;-)

Let me tell you about a couple of blogs.

The first is called PinMoneyQuilts and belongs to a friend from Melbourne, Linda Bear.

Linda had a quilt accepted in to Houston this year and I was pleased to be able to see it and congratulate Linda on her acheivement.

This is the quilt titled Best of Friends, it’s all reverse applique and is stunning.

image of Best of Friends quilt

Best of Friends by Linda Bear, thank you Linda for letting me show it and congratulations.

 The next blog belongs to another Kiwi lass, but unlike me Sharon still lives there.

I met Sharon at the Melbourne Quilt Market, she is the owner and creative force of Sharon Keightly Designs.

As soon as I saw Sharon’s quilts I had to chat with her and was amazed to learn that her applique is all done the invisible machine way, something that’s been on my mind to try for ages but is now on the tangible list for January.

For tonight though it’s the old fashioned needle-turn way as I start block number three of the Cannonsburg Quilt

I should be a bit further along but have not done any hand sewing for about two weeks !!!  It’s been prepped and sitting by my chair but there’s just been too much to do in the lead up to Christmas, so a quiet night in with stitching sounds good to me.

Now that the studio is tidy I will have fun in here and hope you get the time to drop by to see my progress.

til soon

happy stitching





Back home after a whirlwind visit to Texas

image of halloween

I’m not sure how to capture two busy and exciting weeks in a single blog post, but I’ll give it a go.

Jenn and I arrived in San Antonio in time for dinner on the Monday evening (the 22nd ), having left Sydney just prior to Monday lunchtime!

It’s always a pleasure spending time with our good friends Sherry and Darwin, their home has become quite the home away from home.

America was getting ready for Halloween (and Thanksgiving too going by the amount of pumpkins I saw), it was neat to see as we don’t celebrate that here in Australia.

image of pumpkins

Anyone for Pumpkin?

Of course the reason Jenn and I were there was to attend Quilt Market, arriving on the Friday morning to help set-up the booth.

We had to set off early in the morning from San Antonio to get to Houston, and because I am pathologically punctual we set off at 5.00am which allowed plenty of time.

image of on the road

On the road, it got light soon enough.

It was great to meet up with Marianne again and also to meet her ‘girl Friday’ Judy, we all hit it off really well and the time together just flew by.

First up was ‘Schoolhouse’ which I knew nothing about, but now I do know… 30 minutes (that’s 30 minutes, not 31) of manic activity showing attendees what you will be showcasing at Market.  Marianne spoke and watched the clock ticking, Judy and I held up all the quilts and Jenn handed out flyers and photographed the whole affair with three cameras as of course we all wanted our own record!!

image of schoolhouse

getting ready for the next quilt on the list

image of Harmony Rose at Schoolhouse

Harmony Rose being seen for the first time at Market. She got an "aaaah" moment.

Then it was racing back downstairs to start hanging the quilts in their places on the booth.

image of hanging quilts

Judy and I did take turns up the ladder, and it sure was nice having someone taller than I for a change.

At Market there is always a well known face or name going past.

image of with Eleanor Burns

A spot of celebrity spotting, with Eleanor Burns.

The next day, we and the booth were READY.

image of Marianne Elizabeth's booth

Marianne Elizabeth for RJR, ready to roll.

 We also caught up with quite a few friends at Market, dinner with Mary and Joe Koval, Petra Prins and the Quiltmania crew. We all went to Mama Ninfa’s  which was fantastic.  Really good Mexican food and with a wonderful vibe to the place.

image of Mama Ninfa's dinner

Margaritas and munchies.

I had a couple of real highlights to this trip, the first was finally meeting a good blog friend in person.  We had tried to meet up earlier this year but the gods were against us that time.  But this time Michele from Betwixt the Betweens and I met up, along with another friend Gina (whom I always knew as Janet!!) and we had a super time together, as if we had known each other for years.  We were so busy talking and laughing that we didn’t get photo’s sorry.

And there was a perfect deja vu moment on the streets of La Grange, just outside the Texas Quilt Museum, literally steps from where Irene and I had met Kathy in April…

image of quilters at La Grange

Irene Blanck, quilter Kathy from California and Texas Quilt Museum staff member Julie, April 2012

… Kathy and I locked eyes and grinned like cheshire cats in November.

image of happy quilters

Fancy meeting you here

We were thinking “were we wearing the same clothes last time”? No, phew.

And a big, big thrill was seeing a Mid 19th C Star Quilt hanging in the European Championship section of the Houston Quilt show.

I can’t really describe how it felt, I guess the only thing better is having your own quilt hanging there.

image of Mid 19th Century Star Quilt

Mid 19th c Star Quilt by Kea Gutker de Geus from Velserbroek, The Netherlands. Quilted by Elly Prins. Awarded first place ~ Traditional.

Kea has used beautiful Dutch Chintzes in her quilt, it is stunning.

I will be back with some other quilts to show.

Thanks for visiting,

til soon


Texas bound.

image of Harmony Rose quilt

I’ve got to get a little more frequent with this blogging caper,

the second half of this year has flown by and many times in the last 4 or 5 months I’ve felt like a whirling dirvish.

I hinted last time about a new quilt to be introduced to you all in a fitting manner.

And I think Irene, Jennifer and I are as ready as we’ll ever be to introduce you to

Drum roll…

Harmony Rose

image of Harmony Rose quilt

Harmony Rose

Harmony Rose showcases the newest fabric range  Arabella Rose by

Marianne Elizabeth Classically Home

 Jenn and I are super excited to be taking the quilt to Fall Market in Houston next week to release the pattern.

You can read more about Harmony Rose’s inception on our new web-blog

Turn Left for Harmony

and the beautiful fabrics we used for it can be seen here on Marianne’s site.

I’m sure you’ll be seeing them at a quilt shop near you soon.

Jenn and I will also visit Festival so maybe we’ll see you there :-)

we sure hope so

til soon,


New Zealand then Sydney (and a give away)

image of Hewson panel

 I’ve just opened up the draft of a blog post I started at Auckland airport a week and a half ago.

I thought it might have been the second fastest blog post ever, but I didn’t manage to get it finished before boarding time for the flight to Melbourne.  So I’ve decided to start over :-)

I have had a good time in NZ since last I posted,  I did manage to get that post done (plus a quick cuppa) before  a short flight down to Palmerston North.  There was a gap in the clouds just big enough to see Mt Ruapehu poking through and that’s all I saw of her for the whole seven days.  Even when I drove right past her on the return trip she was completely hidden.

image of Mt Ruapehu

Mt Ruapehu, another month and she will be covered in snow, and frequently cloud unfortunately.

I was staying with my cousin Dawn this time.

We were great mates as kids and are great mates still.

We like the same things, isn’t that always nice :-) to be related and friends.

image of Dawn at work

Dawn at work in her studio. She makes fabulous clothes from Vintage fabrics and is very creative.

Dawn lives just a short walk from my Mum so I was able to spend lots of time with Mum too.

Mum’s got Alzheimers but is getting great care and attention.  She still knows who I am and we have fun together so it was important to make memories (for me) while we  can.  Sadly she will have forgotten I was there last week, but ‘in the moment’ all is fine.

But now I am back from gadding about the place/s and it’s time to get back to normal,

I realised it’s 2 months today since I left for the US and I have also had ‘a wedding’, a trip to NZ (that’s always a busy one)

and four days at the Sydney Quilt Show so it’s no wonder I’m a little disorganised.

Plus the excitement of being a featured home in Quiltmania magazine

image of Quiltmania magazine

Quiltmania # 89

 Quilt Station has a seven page spread plus the third and final instalment of my Mid 19th Century Star quilt pattern.

I was chuffed to see Ady, who has made (yes finished) the Maltaville quilt, being my neighbour in Quiltmania, that’s one of her beautiful quilts on the opposite page.

image of Quiltmania magazine

I'm thrilled with how Quilt Station looks

Merci beaucoup to Carol and Guy, it was a real pleasure to have you both visit my home for the day

and Guy, wow I love that photo of me :-)

So all that excitement

image of Fireworks


calls for a


 I would love to give away a couple of the John Hewson panels/fabrics which were reproduced by Andover last year.

I bought extra at Seventh Heaven Quilt Shop in New Braunfells, Texas anticipating I’d want to pass some on.

image of Hewson panel

John Hewson panel from the Winterthur Museum collection

There will be two chances to get one of these large urn panels, above

and two chances to win eight birds as shown below.

image of John Hewson birds

John Hewson Birds

to have a chance just leave a comment on this post, oooh let’s say,

by the 13th July.  That’s a Friday ~ Friday the 13th. What fun!

I will mail to anywhere in the world and no doubt between now and then I will have unearthed a couple other treasures to add to it.

To leave a comment you need to click on the title of the blog post.  That will re-open the post with the option to comment visible at the bottom.

The Sydney Quilt Show came hot on the heels of returning from NZ,

five of us from the Goldfields Quilters (Alison, Chris, Jennifer, Kathryn and myself) flew up on Thursday morning and were joined on Friday by Irene so you can imagine the fun we had.

The six of us piled in to a taxi van straight after breakfast on Saturday morning and headed over to

Material Obsession.

We were not going to miss out this time, adding an extra day to the itinerary as last year Jenn and I just ran out of time.

It’s a beautiful shop, I follow Kathy Doughty’s blog and her shop is a great reflection of her style and flair.

Here’s just a little of what I bought

image of fabrics

These aren’t Repro’s as such but they could be.  It’s all about how you look at it I suppose.

The Blue (Prussian like) with the Brown, once cut up, could go in to a mid 19th century quilt quite well I think.

And the Brown and Red diamond print wouldn’t look out of place either.

And if you are familiar with Material Obsession quilts you may be surprised to know you will find 19th c repro’s at Material Obsession.

I wasn’t expecting to find any but was very pleasantly surprised.

It’s true, I found (and came home with) quite a few.  It is a very diverse and friendly quilt shop.

After that we grabbed two taxis and made for Quiltsmith (but lunch in trendy Annandale shopping precint first)

We left a couple of hours later with bags bulging, this time catching the bus back to Darling Harbour.

I was so pleased Jenn was methodically going through the bargain boxes, I had completely missed this much needed fabric.

image of Beth Ann Bruske fabric

Beth Ann Bruske fabric.

Jenn kindly shared the last of the bolt so I have *Plenty* to do *Whatever* on the Cradle Quilt.  It had come to a stand still as quilts sometimes do.

image of Cradle Quilt progress

Cradle Quilt, no excuse not to get a wriggle on with this now is there?

And these found their way in to my arms as well

image of fabrics

Bits and bobs as they say, just for the stash

It is lovely to be home again.  It’s winter and it’s cold.

I like to hibernate just a little, well sometimes a lot and I have plenty of work to do ~ both quilt designing and quilting on Violet.

It’s a good time to be at home and in the studio.

We have an elderly dog and she’s all of a sudden showing her age.

She’s given us a few scares in the last few months and she seems to want one of us around more during the day,

so it’s another reason to be not too far from home for too long. We’re watching and taking it as it comes if you know what I mean.

The other day I was measuring and photographing my quilts for showcase and she was trying very hard to be noticed

image of Rollo


I’ve just realised I have no sewing prepped for tonight,

oh well, I shall sit by the fire and look at a quilt book or two instead.

Keep warm (or cool) and happy stitching

til soon


Antique purchases

image of purchases

This may be the quickest Blog Post ever,

photo’s are primed and ready to go,

I am sitting with Laptop on lap at Auckland airport waiting for my domestic flight to Palmerston North,

or Palmy as Palmerstonians like to call it.

One of the reasons why I’ve felt in a real muddle since getting back from the US is that there were many boxes of goodies arriving intermitently over the last week, cluttering up the place.  I’m not great when things aren’t orderly.  I’m pretty sure it’s a Libran thing.

Irene came up last weekend and we made an attempt to go through some of it.  We couldn’t even remember 1/3 of what we bought.

image of purchases

That's three boxes worth

Then yesterday my final box arrived, it was from Stella Rubin Antiques and contained this very charming treasure.

image of Antique Quilt

Late 19th C Star star quilt with cheerful Yellow applique

It was the cheerful yellow applique which charmed me so much, what an unexpected and delightful addition to a simple quilt pattern.

I also bought from Stella a few ‘orphaned’ blocks which appealed.

image of Antique House Block

Antique House block

image of Antique Block

Antique Block

Love a good paisley as you know

image of Antique pieces

Antique Pieces

When I was at the New England Quilt Museum, I found a couple of treasures there too

image of Vintage Fabric pieces

Fabric pieces approximately 1785 - 1845

image of Vintage Prussian Blue Album Block

Vintage Prussian Blue Album Block

I’ll be whipping off that border of course

I’m going to leave it there for today, I’ve got time for a cup of tea if I don’t dilly dally.

Internet connection permitting I will be back in a day or two and will have a give-away as there is so much fabric!!

til soon,

Oh by the way,

all fine in NZ just took the opportunity to ‘nip’ home to see Mum before the rest of the year gets really busy.


USA continued, visiting D.C.

image of Washington DC

 Warning, you may need to make a cup of tea before sitting down.

I could go on indefinitely with posts titled USA continued,

but I think we might all get sick of that ;-)

So I will make this the final post about the USA trip even though I’m sure I’ll still post the odd photo of USA quilts, people and places over the months to come.

 I saw so much to inspire me that you can imagine I have quilts dancing around in my head and I have this morning started on Something New, which I will want to show you a little of before long.

As promised this post will be about the time in Washington D.C.

image of Washington DC

Don't let the summer blouse fool you, it was brisk on that bus brrrrr

Irene and I actually stayed at a Holiday Inn hotel in Alexandria, VA

(just across the river and more to our budget than being in DC itself)

It was suggested by Fiona of  Country Threads ,thank you Fiona it was perfect for us.  We were riding that subway like locals over the four days.

The main purpose for being in D.C. was of course to visit the National Museum of American History.

I have been in fairly regular contact with Associate Curator Doris Bowman since embarking on my Maltaville Album Quilt and was keen to see the original quilt if possible.

To say the half day at the Smithsonian was “brilliant” is an understatement.  I was bowled over by Doris Bowman’s generosity in allowing me to view, touch ~ gently, and photograph the original quilt as well as allowing me time to just look and learn.

image of Maltaville Quilt

"How have they finished that edge?"

Now I know, after the red piping there is a 1 1/8″ finished folded binding ~  left unfilled.

The quilt itself threw up some surprises and answered some of my questions, but with those answers comes more questions.

image of Maltaville Quilt

Detail of centre block

Cleverly using the wrong side of the green fabric to create subtle shading,  I have done that myself in the past but it was a nice surprise to see it here.  There is a lot more embroidery than I had realised though ~ not my strong point!

image of Maltaville Album Quilt

Harriet Able's block

I didn’t do my stems or leaves like that, but I like the way it looks.  I think I will be a convert to Harriet’s method.

image of Maltaville Album Quilt

On Earth In Heaven block by Delia Burr

image of Maltaville Album Quilt

Mrs William Thompson Maltaville block

As I say, embroidery is not my strong point which is why my bird block is still waiting for that embroidered detail.

I showed Doris my version of the Maltaville, which looks so stark and *white* next to the original which is so warm and mellowed with age.

I posted a photo of me grinning like a cheshire cat here on the Maltaville Blog.

I was also able to view some other quilts which are of interest to me, it should come as no surprise which four quilts topped that list,

The Rising Sun Quilt,  The Little Sister’s Quilt, Benoni Pearce’s Groom’s Quilt and the Copp Family Quilt.

It was such a privilege to view these quilts, even tucked away in their drawers.

image of Groom's quilt detail

Benoni Pearce's Groom's Quilt 1850, detail

image of Rising Sun Quilt detail

Betsy Totten's Rising Sun Quilt, detail

image of Little Sister's Quilt detail

Little Sister's quilt, detail

It’s not known whether Susan Holbert (born 1834) made this quilt herself or if her older sister Emily Holbert made it for Susan.

But Emily Holbert did make this quilt in 1847, Emily died in 1858.

image of Emily Holbert quilt detail

Emily Holbert quilt 1847, detail

image of Fabric detail, Copp quilt

Copp Quilt early 19th century, detail

I saw even more quilts than these and will share them with you over time.  I am very, very thankful to Doris Bowman for being so generous with her time and knowledge.

  While in D.C. we also visited the DAR museum.

image of hexagon quilt

Hexagon quilt, Vermont Room DAR Museum.

image of DAR museum quilts

Penn family 1850s Baltimore Album Quilt (left) and Mary Mannakee Quilt (right)

We visited the DAR twice, the first day we didn’t get there til 3pm as we had taken a drive out to visit Stella Rubin Antiques , more about that another day!  So another visit was needed to really study the quilts on show at the DAR.

You may like to put the kettle on again as there are just a few more things I want to share.

I don’t want to sign off from the US trip without mentioning the day Irene and I spent with friends Marsha, On the Go Quilting and Stella ~ no blog, yet ;-)

image of Quilting friends

Back row: Irene and Moi. Front row: Stella and Marsha.

We had a great day together at the New England Quilt Museum and the Lowell Textile Museum.  We even squeezed in a trip to Candlelite Quilts to do some more shopping.  Marsha, we made a dash to the USPS on the Friday for our final mailing home, we had three mailings home in all for a grand total of five boxes!!  Marsha has blogged about our fabulous day together here and here

And Stella, I will be in touch real soon about ‘you know what’.

I’ll finish with a few odds and ends

image of Dress 1845-1848

Dress 1845-1848 American History Textile Museum, Lowell, MA

image of New England Mill

Mill building, Springfield, Vermont

 I wish the above photo had sound.

image of Rockport MA

Rockport, MA

I know I will have to do another USA cont. blog post because I haven’t shared anything from the Winterthur Museum yet.

But that will have to be another day, next time I want to show you a little of a new project.

And the latest Quiltmania magazine is out, with the  final instalment of my Mid 19th Century Star quilt along with the photo shoot Quiltmania did here last year.  Very Exciting.  I will try to be back in a day or two.

til soon