Trying to Stash Bust the Favourite Repro’s

A little while back I started a small quilt, maybe it could be called a Crib Quilt ;-)

 I used up some smallish pieces from my remnant bins, rather than larger pieces from the shelves.

Of course I have hardly made a dent in the stash LOL, but I had fun choosing from pieces of my very favourite repro’s.

“Hours of innocent pleasure”

image of Sail Boats crib quilt

Scrappy Sail Boats

The top has been finished for ages but this afternoon I got it on the machine for quilting.

The background was in the shelf stash so that can count as stash busting too can’t it?

I don’t often blog about machine quilting, but on this quilt I’m trying out Precensia Thread for the first time.  I prefer not to trial a new thread on a customer quilt so had to wait until I could load one of my own.

It’s a nice fine 50 weight and it is behaving itself…that is no thread breakage, yay.

image of machine quilting

Feather success

Now for some eye candy of favourite repro’s, plus a ‘ring in’.

image of Sail Boats quilt

The Madder/Gold ombre (top middle sail boat) is one of my very favourite fabrics, I also have it in blue.

image of Sail Boats quilt

Of course there is a piece of RJR Smithsonian fabric, the large scale floral.

The yellow Scrappy Dot (Judie Rothermel from ages ago) is another fave.

I have large pieces of both these fabrics but did only use little cut pieces in this quilt…honest.

And this next one is not actually a repro but I felt it could be used as such, we need to think outside the box in quilt shops.

image of sail boat quilt

The one in the top right corner, I think it works.

I have made a start on the quilting and should have it done over the weekend.

But right now it’s Friday night and I’ve knocked off for the day.

I have some hand stitching ready to go, the fire is lit and Escape to the Country is on the telly.


Enjoy your weekend

til soon



  1. Love, LOVE the Sailboats quilt! You used some really great fabrics in it, some I have, but in different colorways, and some I’ve never seen before. It does feel good to use your scraps, doesn’t it? Mine seem to grow regardless of how many I use!

  2. The simplicity of your pattern makes the fabrics stand out beautifully! Makes me want to start another quilt SOON! I still need to finish a dozen or so before starting another but I do have several patterns in a folder ready to go!!!

    Summer finally hit Texas with our temps in the 90’s every day & lots of humidity. Nights are OK with temps in the mid 70’s. My “other half” is in Washington State with rain and temps in the low 40’s at night & maybe 60 during the day.

    GREAT CRIB QUILT! Sherry (“willarogers”)

  3. Sue watters says:

    Lovely use of your repro’s Margaret, funny how we have fabrics we love and find it hard to cut into.

  4. Interesting fabrics, some of those are familiar and I have them in my stash also.
    Love the quilt.

  5. I love seeing stash quilts. I’m making one at the moment but it doesn’t seem to make a dent in the stash though!!
    I think it’s a great chance to use the UGLY fabrics too, you know the ones, where you hear your self saying “what was I thinking when I bought that!” But when you cut them up, they look magic.
    Enjoy the quilting…

  6. very fun to see these older fabrics, hmmm stash busting ok, I agree the background is stash busting!
    LOL I am using more and more of my favorite fabrics in quilts instead of saving them…only in quilts I will KEEP though!

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