The Quiltery, England…is it still there?

The Quiltery,  Newey Mill, Tipton, DY4 8AH, England…do any of our British quilting friends know?

The reason I ask is that Penny Tucker asked me about the quilting patterns peeping out from under a magazine clipping in this recent post (click here) Thanks Penny, it made me think others might also be interested so I got these out to show you properly.

The Quiltery

The Quiltery, Traditional Quilting Patterns (series 4)

The Quiltery

The Quiltery, Traditional Quilting Patterns (series 5)

I bought these two packs at least 15 years ago from Spotlight (which Australians will know as a sewing and ‘craft’ institution. No matter where you live, you’re probably not far from a Spotlight).

They were in the bargain bin, going for the princely sum of 95c a pack.  At the time a reel of quilting thread probably cost $3.50 so I’m a bit embarassed that they were so cheap because they are such a great resource to have in my quilt room.

Only the two packs were left, obviously there were series 1 through 3 but I wonder how many more series they produced…does anyone out there have any of the other packs?

Each pack contains 12 paper sheets of traditional Welsh and North Country quilting patterns, some sheets have several designs per page so Series 5 actually contains 24 different designs.

I did a google search for The Quiltery and found a Clamshell kit on Ebay and  two patchwork template sets on Etsy (dated 1979…I wonder if my packs had been in Spotlight since 1979).

I’d like to think The Quiltery is still around,  if they were in business in the 70s they were at the forefront of a quilting revival that hasn’t waned and they are to be congratulated.


bed time reading

I’ve increased my library a bit over the last couple of weeks as you can see…The latest offering from The American Folk Art Museum ‘Quilts‘ is wonderful, many of the quilts are in their earlier book but this edition goes in to more detail.  There are some great close-ups of the Sarah Morrell quilt.

My favourite though is the Massachusetts Quilts by Lynne Zacek Bassett, there are some glorious old quilts in this book and several drawings  by the author detailing quilting patterns which I found particularly interesting.   Lots and lots of inspiration here.


more bed time reading

These I bought second hand but (because I have so much bed time reading to do) haven’t completely devoured yet.

I’m expecting some Prussian Blue fabrics in the post any day now but in the meantime, my latest visit to Threadbear unearthed this treasure which will be useful for Broderie Perse I think.

Eagle Panel

Early Elegance 1830-1850 by Roberta Benvin for Blue Hill Fabrics. Pattern # 7282

60cm buys two panels printed across the fabric.

I’m off to do some reading…



  1. Margaret, thanks for the tip. I just snapped some up. Just fabulous, and I know it will go fast.

  2. OH I love all the books you have on your nightstand.
    Isn’t it fun collecting all these books that have so many antique quilts and history in them? I just wish Lynnes book would have had more antique quilts from Mass. in it. I thought it was light on the antique quilts . just mho.

  3. I think that the Quiltery has long gone. However, the owner of Tinsmiths in Ledbury ( was telling me a while back that her mother used to be involved with the business, she might know something? Tinsmiths is one of my favourite places to shop and worth a visit. Sometimes they have one or two old quilts for sale – I bought a lovely one there this time last year! I shouldn’t be telling you this, now everyone will know!

  4. Well, I am stumped! I found the correct fabric line, but I can’t find a listing for the panel, not on Threadbear, not even on the Blue Hill Fabric website. Is there anything more you could tell me, or perhaps show the entire panel, so I can keep on searching? Thanks, Michele

  5. Isn’t it interesting that so many of us have the same book collection. The Quilting patterns would be a hot selling item today.

  6. Hi Michele, I’ve updated the post to add a full size picture of the panel. Lisa from Stray Threads has managed to find some so maybe check with her, otherwise Threadbear will be able to help by email. Good luck, the flowers are a great size for BP. I read you have bought some DH &W fabrics, aren’t they just gorgeous…so I’m hoping this means you’re feeling better about your panel :-)
    Lovely to hear from you, til next, M

  7. Hi Mary, thanks for writing. I suspected the Quiltery was long gone, but at least now I know for sure. I had a look at Tin Smith, wow…that’s my kind of store, thanks for the link.
    I’ll make contact with them about the Quiltery.
    Oh, and love your blog :-)

  8. Hi Margaret,
    I love those quilting patterns, I have #1,2 and 5. Purchased years ago for a couple of dollars. Lovely.
    I see we share our taste in reading material!

  9. Hi Kerry, that’s great to hear you have some other packs…have you used them for any projects? I’d love to hear more.

  10. Roberta Benvin says:

    Hello! I am Roberta Benvin, designer of the Early Elegance collection (truly a humbling experience when even the fabric company cannot spell my name correctly). Glad you like the eagle panel…I’ve been trying for three years to get it reproduced! It, absolutely, is available from Blue Hill; why it isn’t shown on their website is a mystery to me. I will write to them and request that it be posted. The panel comes in 2 colorways — the beige that you have pictured and a gorgeous red.
    If you are unable to find a local shop that carries the eagle, you could write to or

  11. Hi Roberta, thank you for writing…and I have updated the caption to now show your name correctly, how can a fabric company get wrong something so fundamentally important as your name!!
    I’m an avid fabric collector and have made it a personal mission to include as much information about a fabric as possible when posting about the fabrics in my stash…it’s a way of giving credit to the designer.
    The post certainly created interest in your fabric, some were successful at finding it and I and others managed to point the less successful in the right direction…as well as comments here there were lots of emails going about, but those extra sites you suggested will help too.
    The Eagle fabric is a great print, I love the scale of the print and the intensity of colour…I hope you (and we) don’t have to wait too long for your next range.
    Thanks again for writing, I really appreciate it.
    P.S.I’m going to look for the red

  12. I am looking for a template for David and Goliath pattern I have so many I have had years. I can’t find template no6 no 9. I wasn’t going to make anymore quilts BUT . Saw fab fabric in my favourite shop Libertys London and here we go again. Husband says ( do we kneed another quilt darling) no comment. Well I can always stick it somewhere. So if anyone can help i would be tickled pink. Waiting with baited breath lyndaxxx

  13. Jeanette Todd says:

    I have just found this site. I have the quilters sets and I just realised I have Series 1 to 6. I have not used the as yet but when I do I will trace them onto other paper instead of using the originals. I bought these from a shop in Wagga Wagga Australia in about 1993.

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