Short post…with pics

Now that my fingers have stopped bleeding from all that typing the other day :-)

I just wanted to show you a few pics of something else I’d been doing over the last month.

image of Cheddar and Indgo quilt

I don't have a name for this yet, other than it's Cheddar and Indigo!

I just made this quilt on a total whim, astounding that the whim lasted long enough to finish it too.

I’m always excited to see my copy of Quiltmania arrive in the post box…

image of Quiltmania magazine

Issue #85

but this one doubly, triply quadruply so because it had not only articles about the Castlemaine Applique Group featuring quilts from talented Aussie quilters, The Sydney Quilt show featuring quilts from some different talented Aussie quilters and an article about quilts from the collection of Australian quilt historian Dr Annette Gero…

… it also featured my friend (I’m happy to call her my friend) Linda Collins and her collection of Antique quilts

you can see the Linda’s post about it here,

But it also featured

the pattern for the quilt at the top of the post which I fell in love with and simply had to make.

So I did.

In about a week and a half from ‘go to whoa’.

Set myself up with all my little pieces beside the machine

image of Cheddar and Indigo quilt in progress

Each pinned together bit is one block

I aimed for about six blocks per night, of course some nights I did more cos some nights I did nothing.

Laid out a few blocks

image of Cheddar and Inbdigo quilt blocks

Yeah...I'm going to like this

And voila…by Saturday night I had the top done (well actually it was the wee hours of Sunday morning), and on Sunday morning (proper) I pieced a gorgeous Cheddar and Indigo back for it.

Then I vacuumed the floor.

Hope to get it quilted soonish.

Another pic for good measure

image of Cheddar and Indigo Quilt

The quilt was designed by Paula Barnes and went together like a breeze.


  1. You are so quick–and your quilt is great! Very nice lovely fabrics–they look so pretty together. Perhaps you can call it Blue Cheese? ;)

    • Hi Donna, yeah Blue Cheese, I like it. Blue Cheese it is. It’s for my 22 y/o son…He’ll like that name too. That reminds me I must make the label before I quilt it (I quilt through my labels now) and now it has a name.

  2. Blue Cheddar!!!
    Good enough to eat!!!
    Lovely stuff!

  3. Love, Love , Love your quilt!!! Can’t wait to see this one up close and personal. And THRILLED to be your friend!!! LOL

  4. Striking quilt. Just gorgeous.

  5. Margaret, it’s glorious!! I love the name Bleu Cheese.

    • Thanks for the kind words Lisa, Ann Marie, Linda and Judy. I am really loving the bold colours of it and am keen to do some more cheddar quilts…stay tuned :-)

  6. Margaret, “Blue Cheese” is a great quilt…and a great name to go with it. I love the bold cheddar color. I wouldn’t have thought to pair those two colors but it’s alive and your fellow will love it.
    Just catching up on posts as we’re still traveling. Drop in on my posts about the art quilt show I caught in Indiana when you have a moment free.

  7. Love your quilt! Which cheddar fabric did you use for the setting squares? Thanks!

  8. Hi Glorian, thank you…glad you like it. I used a fabric from the range Butter Churn and Cheddar by Judie Rothermel for Marcus Bros. It’s very similar to a Smithsonian fabric that RJR brought out in 1995 from the Groom’s Quilt range. So a repro of a repro!!

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