Loving the Winter

Winter means nights in, in front of the fire.

Nights in front of the fire means hand-sewing.

BTW, thank you SBS for playing a great movie last night on the telly ~ “Walk the Line” with Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon~ I stayed up till the end and got lots o’ stitching done.

image of handpiecing

One 1800s Sunburst block finished and well on the way with another.

This is a finished block from last week

image of 1800s Sunburst Block

Admiring my handywork over breakfast LOL

And here’s how the finished blocks are looking on the design wall this morning,

image of 1800s Sunburst Blocks

I just keep telling myself “I am getting closer”.

OMG Ombre is on the quilting machine and nearly done.

image of OMG Ombre

That Prussian Blue Ombre just pops throughout the quilt.

So with the imminent finish of another quilt, I’ve been pulling things out of drawers in the studio, (there is no shortage of UFOs there) and the winner just might be…

image of WIP quilt

Connecticut Quilt

Looking back through my notes I think I started this in *Gulp* 2008 (possibly earlier) and of late I’ve had some new ideas for it.

Not least because I can’t even find my original Electric Quilt drawings for it.  I suspect they were done way back on EQ5!, on the computer that died with out a backup. (Big Lesson learnt that day).

Because I love the fabrics in this quilt so much, it really would be a shame not to continue, and hey, one has recently been reproduced which is kinda handy LOL.

I’m pondering whether to take the baskets off and begin afresh from the star.

I’ve started drawing it up anew on EQ7 so will see where it takes me.

I’m going to carry on with that for the rest of the day.

Thanks for visiting,

til soon,

Margaret :-)


  1. Sue Watters says:

    Just starting to strip off here in the UK as its getting a little warmer. Your sunburst is looking great and love how the Prussian blue pops!
    Big decision to be made regarding your Connecticut quilt. I have never seen a lone star with baskets round the edge and I like it. It makes it stand out from other lone star quilts.

    • Margaret says:

      Hi Sue, LOL an English Summer, yes I know about those. I think I’ve decided to keep the baskets, there was such a lot of work in making those :-o

  2. Sherry A. Cook says:

    Love the baskets! That was the first thing I noticed after seeing the center star. VERY UNIQUE! Totally agree with Sue

    • Margaret says:

      Hi Sherry, thank you. Yep I’m keeping them. I want to send you a newsy email. Big hugs to you and Darwin.

  3. The sunburst blocks are very nice. I also like the lone star with the baskets but it is your quilt, your decision.

    • Margaret says:

      Thank you Gretchen, I’m really enjoying the progress on my quilts at the moment and the consensus really does seem to be “keep the baskets” :-) so I am.

  4. Hi Margaret
    Love your Sunburst blocks ! I’m always impressed with hand sewing.
    Love, love, love your Connecticut Quilt baskets and all. Love the way the baskets blend.
    Loosing computer data is my biggest fear !! I feel for you very frustrating.
    Beautiful foggy morning here but a bit on the chilly side, definitely fireside weather.

    • Margaret says:

      Hi Sharon, LOL yes I saw your foggy scene on FB this morning, fog and all it still made me a little nostalgic fo NZ. How far North of Auckland are you ? Renewed vigour for the Connecticut quilt this morning, need to do a little accounting work but want to sew. Oh and it’s Queen’s Birthday here :-D

  5. I still love those Sunburst blocks – wonderful! Your use of large scale prints and ombres is especially appealing I think . Connecticut is definitely worth rediscovery – I love the baskets too but maybe you could save them for another quilt if they don’t feel right on this one..

    • Margaret says:

      Hi Hilda, thank you, yes I really am into the ombres and large florals at the moment, even tho I tend to cut up the large florals lol. It’s all good fun isn’t it. Baskets are staying I’ve decided. itching to get to it today.

  6. Not to be repetitive, but I love the baskets in the Connecticut Quilt. I sometimes get “tired” of seeing the same old thing in Lone Star quilts. Yours peaked my interest immediately. Can’t wait to see what you do next with it. :)

    • Margaret says:

      Hi Becky, thank you..I’m thrilled you like what you see so far. I confess I didn’t get far yesterday, Unpicked the basket border in readiness to tidy it up and put it back on (shhh ;-o was a bit ‘wonky’) I have been back on EQ and am playing with further border ideas. I’ve enjoyed looking and reading your blog…You do wonderful things and visit such interesting places.

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