I have not started a new quilt…it’s just a block.


image of Rising Sun Album block

Rising Sun Album block

Speaking of new, I’ve got a new blog friend too and that is how this new quilt block came about.

Please let me introduce you to Marsha, she has very recently started a quilt blog which I’ve been enjoying reading.

Marsha’s blog is called On The Go Quilting and she wrote to me a couple of weeks ago as she was searching for any info about a quilt she had seen in the Weathersfield Historical Society in Vermont, in particular the name of the quilt.

Of course Marsha had googled Rising Sun Quilt and because I blather on so much about the Smithsonian Fabrics, including the Rising Sun fabrics, my name monopolised the first page of searches.

Here’s a portion of the quilt from Marsha’s Blog (thanks Marsha)

image of 19th century Rising Sun Album Quilt

detail of c. 1850 Rising Sun Album Quilt, in the collection of the Weathersfield Historical Society, Vermont.

And below is the link which will take you to the post where Marsha talks about her visit to the Weathersfield Historical Society

(you’ll see more lovely old quilts in the post, click here)

She (and then in turn I) was interested in the pattern name attributed to the quilt ‘The Rising Sun Album Quilt’.

We have both been on a bit of a search since then, looking for an alternative name. I have ‘yet’ to find that block anywhere under any name, and in all my reference material the name ‘Rising Sun’ will show blocks that don’t bear any resemblence to the above at all.

As I was in the mood for a little diversion I decided to quickly (huh) run up a block.

For eight pointed stars I pretty much always use the Easy Eight and Companion Angle rulers, so choosing a size and rotary cutting the diamonds and set in triangles was done in a flash.

That was the end of quick,  I then decided to draw on the seam allowance and hand piece the block, well the machine wasn’t ‘out’ and I just couldn’t be bothered getting it out.

The original quilt does have signatures in the little triangle, it’s hard to know if I’ve made my block too big or too small but I do like the scale of it so I’m happy with it.  I made it 8 1/2″ finished. I also appliqued the triangle for the signatures, though it does appear to have been pieced in when I look closely.

When time allows I will draft a block properly with a pieced signature triangle.

Marsha has also made a block, you can see it here, where she also talks more about the mystery, and a great quilting tip too.

So, what fun…

Has anyone out there seen this block/quilt pattern?  In the flesh or in a book even?

I really love the colours of this quilt, I know I won’t be able to help myself…I’ll be making this quilt.

Just not this week.


  1. beautiful block, and of course now I can’t wait to see your version of this quilt! Thanks for telling us about
    Marsha’s blog.

  2. Nothing like Variety to keep the quilting wheels in motion. Now all I need to do is actually to finish a quilt.
    Love that block! I am going going to watch your progress for a while and get on with my Maltaville though. We have a weekend away in a couple of weeks and I am going to make sure enough Maltavilles are prepared to come home with progress!!
    Have a great Week

  3. Hi Margaret, I have just had a lovely hour perusing your blog and the Maltaville Blog too until I was rudely interrupted by the phone! Oh my goodness – fancy that! Anyway, I just wanted to say well done on the fantastic work for Maltaville – it’s just lovely and the other stuff on this blog is great too. I think I’ve now got the inspiration I needed to keep going on something where I was quite stuck (help from the applique tutorials) – so Thank you. Andrea xxx


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