Gorgeous basket blocks

for a gorgeous lady.

image of basket block in progress

Work in progress, a Smithsonian fabric basket block

My friend Irene whom I mentioned a couple of posts back is having a special birthday this year.

Irene decided to plan her own birthday quilt project, how organised is she!!

So a request was sent to me to please make a 6″ basket block and write a message on it.

Of course I wanted to give Irene a block made out of my Smithsonian fabrics, cos they’re special and so is she.

I had fun making up this basket block, choosing the fabrics and stitching it by hand.

I was worried the message wouldn’t show on the background fabric so I appliqued a leaf on to it, what you see is the wrong side of the background fabric and wrote my message on that

image of basket block

Smithsonian fabric basket block

As well as our trip to the U.S.A this year, Irene and I are involved in a few projects together so I felt this Maori proverb was perfect.

Like all good proverbs the literal translation is only hinting at the deeper meaning of the words,

With my basket and your basket the people will live

or let’s combine our ideas and resources, good things will happen.

After I had made this block, I realised I still had something important to tell Irene so I made her another block.

image of paisley basket block

"you can't go past a good paisley"

That’s a message that needs no explaination :-)

happy stitching



  1. Hah! Thanks Margaret. Of course the blocks are beautiful. I love the idea of using the wrong side of the fabric for the message. And what fun we’re going to have on our holiday! Yeah!!!!

  2. both blocks are wonderful-but the paisley–well, I agree!!

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