Give-away winners

I decided to wait until at least Saturday night because it will still be the 13th July somewhere in the world when we’ve moved on to the 14th July here so yesterday I drew the winners for the give-away announced back here.

Well actually Jenn did it, she was at my place as we had some work to do, always there is work to do!!

I have to tell you, even something as simple as drawing a give-away was not without confusion :-0

But first I had fun choosing a couple of extra pieces of fabric to go with the John Hewson panels,

image of Large Panel

Large Urn, with warm brown and light blue for the first two names out

I wanted to give you something a little different to go with the panels, something other than a companion print

imagie fo Birds

Birds, with a madder and an eccentric print for the 3rd and 4th names out.

So with that all done, it was time to write out the names and pop them in a container of some description.

The first thing I did was go on to the post page to see that there were 23 comments,

I had made two replies so that means there are 21 people in the draw, yeah.

Then I wrote down all the names on pieces of paper, and just to be sure I counted them.

There were only 20!

So I counted them again, making sure paper hadn’t got stuck together.  Yeah there’s only 20.

So then I read out the names and Jenn checked all the pieces of paper.

Yes everybody is there, so why does the page tell me there are 23 comments?

So I went to my dashboard to check what is going on.

Haha, but not before checking with Jenn that, uummm 23 minus 2 is 21 isn’t it, I actually said that!

There was an extra (already approved) comment that for some reason had not appeared on the list, I have no idea why but rest assured your name went in the draw CMB :-)

Alrighty, after all that hullabaloo we were ready to pull some names out.

image of the winner is

Putting Jenn to work... again.

Looking at this photo I have to make clear, I am somewhat considerably taller than 5foot1Jennifer

and Jennifer could not see in to that box.

Drum Roll, first name out is…

image of first name

Marianne from the Netherlands

Then Judy

Then Ady

Then Jennifer Carlyle Shelton

Congratulations to all of you,

I’ll email you for your postal addresses.

image of Ready to Post

Ready to post

Thank you to everyone who sent in lovely comments.

You all know I had the pleasure of spending a day at the Winterthur Museum, Curator Linda Eaton was very generous with her time allowing Irene and me to enjoy the quilts in their collection.

Please also enjoy and be inspired by these few pics, an homage to John Hewson

image of Quilt c 1830-1850

Quilt c 1830-1850 using John Hewson fabrics. Maker unknown. In the collection of the Winterthur Museum, Wilmington, DE.

image of John Hewson Birds

John Hewson birds, detail of the above quilt.

image of John Hewson Bird

Applique Counterpane early 1800s. Birds cut from John Hewson fabrics. In the collection of the Winterthur Museum, Wilmington DE.

image of John Hewson Butterfly

Detail of above with John Hewson butterfly

  thanks for visiting.

Til soon



  1. Wow – thank you so much! This may well bring back my quilting mojo. Since finishing Maltaville I can’t seem to decide on my next project. The Hewson fabric might do the trick, though I have to admit, I admire those women of old for having the courage to put scissors to such beautiful prints :-)
    Thank you again, for the win and for sharing your quilt travels with us. Ady

    • Margaret says:

      My absolute pleasure Ady :-)) I’m glad you won. I know you will love those fabrics we seem to have the same taste in these things ;-)

  2. congrats to the winners.
    oh I love seeing the pictures thanks for sharing

  3. Congratulations All. They are gorgeous fabrics. Just love those birds.

  4. Kirsten says:

    Congratulations to the winners – what fun that was. I am pleased that Ady won – the Spirit of Quilt Inspirtion may arrive with those lovely fabrics!! Margaret, it really was very generous of you to give away thos lovely fabrics. :))
    Cheerio, Kirsten

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