Pine Trees… quilted

image of Pine Trees quilt

I have to show you this.

image of Pine Trees quilt

Pine Trees quilt

I have been quilting up a storm on Violet since returning from the Sydney Quilt Show.

The Melbourne Quilt Show is next on the agenda  (July 26 -29) and I had a few quilts to get done for that,

including my own Pine Trees Quilt which I sewed up earlier in the year.

This quilt uses a very favourite RJR Smithsonian fabric, from the Rising Sun Quilt collection

image of Pine Tree Block

RJR Smithsonian fabric, Rising Sun Quilt collection

When in Sydney I bought a new Clamshell long-arm ruler and this is the first chance I’ve had to try it out.

I love it.

So just binding, label and hanging sleeve to go.

I am off to teach a class in Gisborne this afternoon, at Drapers of Mt Macedon

so had better fly.

Til soon


Red & White Pine Trees Quilt

image of Pine Trees quilt

I’ve got quilting tonight, it’s my LQG’s first one for the year and I’m looking forward to catching up with all my quilting buds.

I’ve got heaps of Show and Tell of course because I can take the two finished quilts from the previous post


this quilt top…

image of Pine Trees quilt

Pine Trees quilt

You might remember I had run out of puff a little while ago with this quilt.

Truth be known, I had made two and a bit blocks several months ago,

and the ‘bit’ of a block is because I got some of the units turned the wrong way

(isn’t that what always happens when sewing late at night)

I could use those units in another block, but I guess that was enough to get out of sync with it.

So on Monday I got the Ikea tub out (all my projects are in Ikea tubs) and decided to just get on with it.

image of Pine Trees Quilt in progress

ooodles of half square triangles

First things first,


then sew.

So many half square triangles, I quickly dubbed the day Mundane Monday.

I sewed them in chains of twenty as that is how many are required for each block.

I had to make 260 of these for starters

image of half square unit

(I had already made 60, luckily)

But I got on with it because I didn’t want to still be making those the next day or it would be tedious Tuesday

image of Pine Trees Quilt in progress

Down to the last few

By the end of the day I had all the blocks done.

Tuesday morning I was set to get this knocked over in the day.

Way back at the start I had cut all the setting triangles and plain squares,

the border strips and even the binding, as I was worried about having enough of the Smithsonian Red.

image of Pine Trees Quilt in progress

"I can feel an empty tub coming on..."

There’s no other way to do it is there?

Is this what you do too, just lay it all out on the floor and start sewing…

image of Pine Trees Blocks

image of Pine Trees Quilt

Nearly there

I realise now I didn’t take a photo of the borders, which I sewed as four sets of complete strips

(Red, White, Red, White)

then added them with mitred corners.

I think if I had done them as four separate rounds I’d still be at it.

The inspiration for this quilt,

apart from Linda Collin’s Exhibition later this year :-)

and apart from having enough, with only a little to spare, of Red Smithsonian Fabric,

was an 1875 – 1900 Pennsylvanian quilt in the American Museum in Britain (Bath) collection.

The original quilt is quilted with Feather Wreaths in the plain squares and Clamshells in the pieced blocks.

If I decide to do that it will keep me out of mischief for a while LOL.

I’ve got to join a back before I get up to that bit.

In the meantime, I’ve got this to work on tonight at quilting

image of Block F6

Block F6

The whole block is stuck done and ready to go sew, time for a quick cuppa then I’m off.

Til soon…