An Ohio Star Strippy, more Maltaville …and something modern, eeeek.

Friday was bleak here in Central Victoria and moving my sewing stuff out of the studio and in to the living room in front of the fire seemed a very inviting proposition.

I cut and sewed like a woman posessed and finished this….

image of Ohio Star Quilt

I am really pleased to get this finished (well the top)

You may remember it in progress from here

Just to re-cap this quilt came in to being because I needed to make a quilt based on the Ohio Star block for the Vic. Quilters Showcase in July this year where my local quilt group is being featured.

Originally I had planned it to be a straight set quilt ~ maybe with a narrow sashing in the plain white ~ but it has morphed in to a strippy.

image of repro reds

Forty blocks, some of the really fave reds have two blocks and some just one.

On Friday (when I moved in to the living room) I had all the blocks already made,

it was the 400 half square triangles that have taken the time.

I thought it might be quicker than making more blocks.

Jury’s out on that one.

image of Maltaville Centre

Now that the Ohio Star is as good as done I can get back to concentrating on the Maltaville Quilt centre block.

The vine is all sewn and I will prepare more of the applique pieces this week.

A friend and I are going to the Phillip Island Quilt-in this Saturday and I want to take this with me to work on.

I have chosen the next four blocks for the Maltaville mailout this month…

image of block A8

Block A8

Image of Block A2

Block A2

image of Block C1

Block C1

image of Block C5

Block C5

In this bottom one (C5) I have sewn it like the original with its little mishap… I like it this way but have no idea if it was indeed a mishap for the original maker or if this is how she intended it to be.

Last week Jennifer kept me company on a trip to one of my suppliers.

It was her job to find a couple of quilt shops we could visit on the way and she found shops specialising in more contemporary fabrics.

I bought these…

image of Contemporary and Snazzy fabrics

Contemporary and Snazzy

…had to get a Paisley in there didn’t I?

When I was in NZ last month, good friends gave me (and DH) an unexpected and fabulous gift so a quilt idea has been buzzing around in my head in the last few weeks.

A traditional, antique style quilt is just not going to be their ‘thing’ but I think they will like these fabrics and I will have fun working with these.

Not at all what I usually buy, but I really like them.


  1. I like the simplicity of these blocks – makes the starting of them easy. More likely to actually get done!

    • Margaret says:

      Hi Wendy, yes the blocks themselves were quite quick and even appliqueing the circle was quick. I am really glad to have it done as it was encroaching on my head space just a bit.
      I posted it on the yahoo too so I am feeling a bit chuffed with my achievements, I’m still getting the hang of the format of that but am enjoying seeing the topics and pictures.
      M :-)

  2. Oh Margaret
    That strippy is looking so good. I’m looking forward to Maltaville blocks A8, nice and easy to do and C5. I promise to post on the Maltaville blog on Wednesday. I really do Promise! I’ll even have at least one block finished!

    Jenn :)

  3. Wow! I really love that red strippy, and I think the halfsquare triangles make it spectacular. Your Maltaville blocks are certainly inspiring. You have been a busy lady. Michele

  4. Margaret it’s beautiful. The sawtooth edge really makes it. Can you imagine how different it would look with straight edges? Not nearly as exciting. I can’t wait to see it in the flesh!

  5. Hi there :) Your Maltaville Quilt project is delightful! I love the fabrics you’re using. I also wonder if you’d like to link your post up at my fledgling BOMs Away Mondays post – I’m trying to collect different styles of BOM eye candy for folks. :D


  6. I just love the strippy stars. Fantastic – my new passion is 2 colour quilts and yours is tickling my fancy right now! Love it, especially the triangle edges, they really make it zing.

  7. Margaret says:

    Thanks Andrea, it’s on the quilting machine right now so I will probably do the binding at our next 6 to midnight (blimey it’ll be good if I get to one this year won’t it) You can see it in the real then.
    I fancy doing a yellow and white or a blue and white next.

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