Vintage Fabric

I wish I could find my receipt for the vintage fabric I bought a few years ago…it will turn up sometime and as soon as it does I’ll show it to you.

In the meantime, as promised in an earlier post, here are some more photo’s of another of the vintage fabrics I bought in Bath, U.K. in 2006.

This one is the fabric I paid the most for (10 pounds) but it was the one that caught my eye first and is most definitely my favourite of the four pieces.

Vintage Fabric

Sarah Morrell Quilt/unpieced block

I have used quite a bit of it in the Sarah Morrell Quilt.  Di Ford reproduced this antique quilt from 1843 and it was a very popular ‘Block of the Month’ through Threadbear Quilters in Castlemaine 2 years ago.  I signed up to make the quilt but have yet to finish it (I have quilted a couple of Morrell quilts for customers though, so there is no excuse for my lack of motivation… it is gorgeous when finished).  Actually, Di’s Sarah Morrell and my Mid 19th C Star are holidaying together at Petra Prins place in the Netherlands…lucky quilts, they get to have all the fun.

So, I used it in this unpieced block and also some Broderie Perse and a pieced and appliqued Star block.

Vintage Fabric

Sarah Morrell Quilt/Broderie Perse block.

Vintage Fabric

Sarah Morrell Quilt/ pieced and appliqued star block

Then I still had a bit left and decided to use some in the Hexagon Quilt I am working steadily on for next year’s  Vic. Quilters ‘Fabric of Society’ Challenge.

Vintage Fabric

Bits ready for the Hexagon Quilt

And that has virtually used it up, I only have the littlest bits left for Applique and those precious pieces live in the box labelled ‘Vintage and Smithsonian Scraps’.

It would have been a fabulous fabric for ‘fussy cutting’ but just way too precious to to do that and leave unusable holes in it.

Colour wise, this fabric is a true ‘Perkin’s Purple’, which was a dyeing method/colour developed in 1856, and probably dates from around then or up till the end of the 1800s.  Even though it doesn’t have any holes, it feels slightly brittle…as if one good pull and it would tear like tissue.

Vintage Fabric

This is what's left...precious scraps

Tonight I’ll be working on some more hexagons in front of the fire, it’s been cold and bleak here today and because I finished a customer’s quit today, I can curl up with my own sewing…bliss.

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