Sarah Morrell Album Quilt 1843

Tommorrow several of us from the Goldfields Quilters are heading off bright and early to the Melton Quilters Quilt-In.

So I’ve just been puddling about in the studio deciding what to take, well … finalising what I’m going to take, I had decided earlier in the week to take these little Basket Blocks from my Connecticut Quilt which only need handles appliqued on, all cut/marked and ready to go.

Connecticut Quilt

I could/should (and will) take these.

But then I like to have a back up plan, in case I just don’t feel like working on the project I’ve brought with me… (This truly happens to me, I don’t know why.  Maybe I just have to sabotage my own plans…crazy)

…so I decided to dig out the blocks from the Sarah Morrell Quilt which I have been working on.  Love, love, love this quilt from 1843 which Di Ford (see Secret Sewing Sisterhood) recreated the pattern after.

I have completed a lot of these blocks already, pretty much all the pieced and needle turn applique ones, but have ‘quite a few‘ Broderie Perse ones to do and so I’ll take some of these to Melton.  And while I was deciding which blocks to take, I thought I might as well photograph and show them to you.

There are already many Morrell photo’s on blogs around the world but one of the reasons I want to show you mine is because I decided to use fabrics from my own stash, including my precious Smithsonian and Vintage fabrics, instead of the fabrics which came in the block of the month (those fabrics were gorgeous but I put them away in my stash in favour of using others). I also wanted my quilt to be more like the original in colour…  but I do want to say a big Thank You to Di Ford for a brilliant pattern, beautifully presented and well written.

Anyway here are some pics to enjoy…and I hope I get lots done tommorrow :-)

Morrell Quilt

This block's finished / top row, block 4

Morrell Quilt

I'm taking this one to finish...

Morrell Quilt

Haven't even started this one...tommorrow's the day

In the block above and the next couple below I used fabric cut from Den Haan and Wagenmakers ‘Tree of Life’ panel.  I’ve managed to get a lot of use out of just one panel…it appears in at least one other quilt of mine and I’ve still got bits left.

Morrell Quilt

Another finished one.

Morrell Quilt

Haven't started this one.

Morrell Quilt

mmmmmmmm Smithsonian...and it's finished.

Morrell Quilt

got a bit lazy, one big piece of Vintage Fabric stitched down...but it's finished.

Morrell Quilt

I'll take this one's already to go, I'd even left the needle in...Bad.

Morrell Quilt

more Smithsonian Row 7 / block 6

Morrell Quilt

I decided to add an odd fabric in the centre, It's where William Strahan had his name.

Couple more…

Morrell Quilt

Vintage Fabric Row 8 / block 6 (finished)

Morrell Quilt

Smithsonian fabric...but I'm not sure if I'll use this one, it might not work.

Now I’ve got to organise my lunch and sewing notions for the day.

Thanks for visiting…


  1. How strange. I’d say it was the season for it, but as you’re in the southern hemishere…. I’ve spent the day looking at my broderie perse stash… I get very frustrated with the designers of some of my prints when I find a leaf sneaking over the edge of a perfect flower or bird.

  2. rose abbate says:

    oh gosh, i have to live my sarah morell life through you – there is no way i will finish mine!

    great job margaret x

  3. beautiful blocks, everytime I see these blocks I am inspired to make this quilt. guess I need to break down and order the pattern!

  4. Your blocks are wonderful! May I ask where you got your BOM from for the Sarah Morrel quilt? I am finding it very difficult to find suitable fabric for the broderie perse.

  5. Hi Donna, Most of the broderie perse fabrics are the from a range brought out by Andover Fabrics, a reproduction range taken from the Sophia Pearce Quilt in the Winterthur museum. I used pattern numbers 3401-L (large bouquets ready to cut out and applique) and 3402-L (an allover print with large flowers ready to cut and rearrange)
    I also used Echoes of the Past:Austen Manor by Harriet Hargrave, P&B textiles. That’s the one I used for some of the birds. These fabrics came from Threadbear in Castlemaine about 18 months ago, so not sure of the availability now but Threadbear’s link is on my side bar and also with the code numbers you should be able to search on line to see if anyone’s got any left.
    I also used some RJR Smithsonian ‘Potpourri’ from the Rising Sun Quilt plus some true vintage fabric from my stash.
    However on my latest visit to Threadbear I bought some of the new range ‘Early Elegance 1830-1850′ by Roberta Bevin and ‘Eagle Medallion c 1825′ from Windham in association with the DAR. Some of these would make excellent Morrell fabrics and I’m a bit dissapointed my blocks are all ‘stuck down’ as I’d like to introduce some of these new ones.
    These should be in quilt shops now so best wishes in finding what you’re after.
    Oh and one I know is available is the Den Haan and Wagenmakers, Tree of Life panel (their link is also on my sidebar) I used this one quite a bit in my Morrell, it is quite pink tho so it depends on what else you’re using…good luck.

  6. Margaret,
    Thank you so much for the leads! I will definitely check them all out.

  7. I like the third design.

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