Paisleys part 2…

While poking around in tubs looking for more Paisleys I found this, so I’ll start off with a Paisley in progress…I’m not sure how many years this has been up on the shelf, but I do get it down now and again and sew another block or two…I know this will end up a fave quilt so one can’t rush these things.

image of Paisley in progress

King David's Crown

This is a Michelle Yeo pattern and I did the class with Michelle at Threadbear.  I was able to source some more of that delicious red paisley from a friend so I could continue with the quilt as I feared I would not have enough.  It’s Floral Bouquets and Fancies II by Sharon Yenter for In the Beginning Fabrics 2001.  All the blocks will sit on that pale lemon ~ Treasures Uncovered c. 1870 by Mary Koval pattern # 25826 by Windham Fabrics.

Last time I finished up with a tempter about my French and Indian Paisleys…so I’ll start with a couple of photo’s of some lovely Provencal paisleys.

The first fabrics are from Les Olivades in St Etienne du Gres, France and are current repro’s of Fabrics reproduced in that area in the 17th century and are typically what I think of when I think of Provence.

image of provencal paisleys

This is a selection of provencal prints, along the same lines but from a variety of sources (and collected over many years).  The one on the far left came from a friend, it’s the remnants from a dress she made.

image of provencal paisleys

These Indian ones I collected when I visited Rajasthan a few years ago.  I believe these examples were produced in 1910 in Gujarat, Western India and you can read a bit more about them in an earlier post here so I’ve only added a few images.

image of Gujarat Textile

image of Gujarat Textile

image of Gujarat Textile

I also collected a few cards from companies in Jaipur who are producing block printed textiles in the traditional way for clothes and home.

image of Soma card

image of anokhi card

This is what a traditional Indian wood block looks like…

image of Wood Print Block

…and wood blocks produce this type of quilt today.

image of Modern Indian Quilt

a modern Indian quilt

image of Modern Indian Quilt

a modern Indian quilt

My search through my French and Indian fabrics also led me to fabrics in my stash like this…

image of India Chintz

India Chintz 1730-1800 by Windham Fabrics pattern # 27850

…which opens a whole other can of worms.

I may need to do some further reading.

image of further reading

image of trade goods

Stay tuned…

Links the website has images of block printing today the link to the museum of block printing, very interesting.


  1. Jinny Beyer has done so much with paisley designs in her fabrics over the years. Said she was inspired when she lived in India.

  2. I love learning the history of designs and, well, fabric in general. Very interesting post!

  3. Beautiful fabric stash – I see some familiar ones, and some I dream of using. It is hard for me to decide to cut some of them?!?!

  4. Hi Dawn…I know exactly what you mean, there are a lot of mine uncut for that very reason and some I’ve cut and wished I hadn’t.

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