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Hi, yesterday while I was perusing the net I came across Karen Griska’s fantastic blog called selvageblog and in an earlier post I saw a tutorial for this Asterisk block.

Asterisk block from

So, this is my trial block, it took me all of about 10 minutes to make and tonight while I’m at Goldfields Quilters I’m going to make a whole lot more (even though I’m supposed to be doing something else)

This block is soooooooooooooooo easy, there are very detailed instructions on the blog (in case I have not inserted the link properly just got to Karen’s blog and follow her own archive to the Asterisk Quilt)

I’m going to make mine entirely out of repro fabrics with assorted lights…not necessarily shirtings…and basically you start with a 6″ square of fabric and a strip 1″ wide by 32″ long, so a great ‘stash buster’.

Last weekend I was at the Sydney Quilt Show…I had a super time, beautiful quilts and great vendors and nice weather.

I bought  few ‘bits’ of fabric… Here are just a couple,

1940s Urn fabric panel

This first one is a 1940s vintage piece from Butterfield Tate Gallery in Sydney.  She had full sized panels of this fabric but I was happy to buy a very large remnant which I’m sure I’ll find a use for.  It will be gorgeous for Broderie Perse…yes I’ll probably cut it up.

…and this one is just one for the stash, I thought it a really useful brown.

Just a really useful brown.

It’s a Baum Textile fabric but the selvedge doesn’t tell me anything else unfortunately, but it’s from Post Office Patchwork in Glenbrook NSW.

I’ve got to get my stuff ready for Goldfields Quilters now…It’s my turn to unlock.

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  1. rose abbate says:

    you’re not gonna change your mind and make this your birthday block are ya?!!!

  2. I might hehehe

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