Banyan Tree Medallion

You can see I’ve changed things again…new theme for starters.   I just couldn’t get the other theme to behave the way I wanted it.  Blogging is a steep learning curve for me.

I want to show you the centre for the Banyan Tree Medallion because I’m very proud that I’ve learnt to crop and edit photos better…and of course the fabrics used are gorgeous and deserve a closer look.

Banyan Tree Medallion centre panel

One of the fabrics I’ve used for the applique is the Tree Of Life Panel from Den Haan & Wagenmakers in Amsterdam.  I have had this panel for a long time, then about a year ago impulsively cut this beautiful piece of fabric into pieces to use in some Broderie Perse blocks.  I decided to use some of the left-overs in Banyan Tree.  Other fabrics I used are Pashmina (codes 32135 and 32136) by Moda and  Samsara by Benartex.

Actually I’m probably too impulsive  for my own good…a few years ago I was in the UK and bought some pieces of vintage fabric, one of which was a  very gorgeous panel (quite similar to the Tree of Life Panel).  Just a couple of weeks ago I cut that up for an antique Hexagon quilt I’m working on…I don’t regret cutting it up but I regret (a little bit) not photographing it first.

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  1. rose abbate says:

    can you still get any of this fabric? i want to make this quilt when you get around to finishing off the instructions…

  2. ha ha, you will be pleased to know i have worked like a trojan on the pattern for the last couple of days and it’s looking good. I think I’m on schedule for a July release, and yes Corliss still has Pashmina (and possibly Samsara). Antique Tree of Life is still listed on DH&W’s web site.
    Catch ya in Sydney tommorrow, l’m looking forward to it and hoping Sydney’s weather is kinder than ours at the moment.

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