Banyan Tree Medallion

Banyan Tree Medallion

Here it is, the Banyan Tree Medallion quilt.  I’m steadily working at writing up the pattern as I hope to have it ready for purchase next month.  As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I designed this quilt for the Golfields Quilters 2010 exhibition raffle and many friends (obviously not feeling confident of winning it) have asked me to produce a pattern for it.

I based the design on a quilt in the Brooklyn Museum of Arts and Science having seen a photo on page 13 of  Maggie Malone’s book Heirloom Quilts You Can Make.  The quilt maker used a very gorgeous floral and fruit panel/print in the centre of her original quilt but because I just love Indian Palampores I decided my newest ‘reproduction quilt’ ought to have a tree centre.  Actually, I want to thank my super generous friend Megan from Ryland Quilts for her assistance/encouragement in getting me started with the tree at one of our ‘Six to Midnight’ quilting sessions. (Thank you Megan)

The rest of the quilt follows reasonably closely to the original but as the photo in Maggie’s book is black and white, I have no idea at all about the original quilt’s colour.   I have trawled through the Museum’s website too (they have a lot of images to look through…but only a few quilt pictures) but I have not seen another image, nor do I know the maker’s name.    I wish I did because I would love the pay homage to her by name.

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  1. rose abbate says:

    where’s the pattern already! r x

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