Inspiration, and my 'working' drawings.


  1. Hi Margaret….

    so, do tell….what are those quilting patterns behind the magazine picture? And, btw, love your interpretation of the Welch Quilt.

    I’ve just alerted Mary Jenkins to your posting.



  2. Hi Penny, thanks for letting Mary know about me, I look at her blog regularly and really like what she does.
    Those patterns are full size quilting patterns I bought ‘eons’ ago at a shop (nay, an institution) here in Australia called Spotlight, it’s huge wharehouse type shopping for all things fabric/homewares etc. Anyway they were in the bargain bin!!! I think I paid $2.00 each pack.
    I’ll post about them tomorrow, I’ve been trying to think of something new to post about, there are pages of designs ready to go in each pack.
    Glad you like the Welsh quilt…another on the UFO pile but never mind, good things take time don’t they.
    Til soon, M

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