That’s still the working title, not even Vintage Quilt or Vintage … anything.  Just Vintage, it’s the best I could come up with.

I took it to Mill Rose Cottage last Thursday, it was nice to catch up with Sue and the regulars, though I have hardly been a regular, this was the first chance I had to get there since April.

image of Sewing days

A bit of Sewing and a bit of Shopping, happy days.

I grabbed a copy of the book  History Repeated by Betsy Chutchian and Carol Staehle.

I love to read about a group of women getting together through a mutual love of quilts and it leading to such a wonderful project.  And of course, amongst the Divas there are a couple of names I recognise ;-)

I have been over in the studio today as  I really needed to have a tidy up.   I confess that I do work in a bit of a mess, functioning quite well until I get fed up with myself and get more orderly.

image of jumble

I get sick of rifling through stuff

The templates were piling up so they needed to be put away once finished with.

image  of Templates

Templates so far

And my working book was looking quite empty despite the centre being nearly complete.

That’s bad, I use this as the basis of my pattern writing so it’s important that I keep it up to date while it’s all fresh in my mind.

So I updated that with instructions and fabric samples.

image of quilt workbook

Quilt Workbook, plus a pile of circles

I’ve sewn on the last of the leaves and then needed to make some more circles. I have a nice little pile there but I still need about 20 more.

But I got a bit bored and decided to come show you how it’s looking so far.

I haven’t got a design wall up in the studio yet, I kept rearranging the furniture so wasn’t sure where I wanted it for awhile.  But now I have decided and yesterday went to Spotlight to get some cheap Polar Fleecy (at Jenn’s recommendation)

image of Design Wall Fleecy

Design Wall Fleecy, awaiting a curtain rod and a tall man.

So for now I am making do with the back of the door

image of Vintage Centre progress

Vintage centre block in progress

You may have spotted some fabric changes from the last post.

image of Vintage Centre, early stages

Vintage Centre Block ~ early stages.

My quits tend to evolve. I actually don’t know how big this is going to be or anything.  It’s just fun playing.

Well I better go back and make those last circles.

Happy stitching,

til soon



  1. Oi! you said no other sewing until our special project is done! :(

  2. Looking wonderful. Thanks for sharing….

  3. Yes, Jenn have you finished? I should finish my quota tonight and will deliver tomorrow.

    Vintage looks fabulous – can’t wait to see how you work out the rest of the quilt!

  4. love the look of this so far, great tip for writing patterns. impressed you even wrote down the name of the fabric and designer!!!!
    beautiful background fabric and love the woven tree trunk…
    keep going and keep sharing
    ok now what is this secret project no fair leaving comments like that Jenn!

  5. It looks wonderful! Your lovely fabric giveaway that I won has made it here – thank you so much! The birds are so pretty I’ll probably hesitate to go near them with scissors… Thank you again (I e-mailed but think it gotlost on cyberspace) for the fabric, the blog, and most of all for the Maltaville journey. Ady

    • Hi Ady, I’m glad it arrived safely. I did get the email but am very behind with my correspondence :-((
      Very happy you love the fabric, I knew you would.
      Catch you soon, happy stitching

      M :-)

  6. My room is messy.LOL I like the title and I agree playing is fun. You create lovely quilts.

    • Hi Meredith, thank you. I’m heading away tomoro for a few days with Linda, Jenn, Bev and Debbie. Hope to get heaps done.
      Hey your quilts are pretty fine too :-)
      Catch you soon.

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