Valdani Threads…

I went to AQC (Australian Quilt Convention) on Saturday and was volunteering all day (9-5) so the only time to do any shopping was lunchtime.  I had arranged to meet up with Jennifer and ~as she’d had a chance to do a pre-purchase circuit~ the first shop she pointed me to was The Thread Studio.  I had been looking for these threads at every show I’d been to since Jennifer told me about them~and posted about them here. The threads are from Romania, are Hand Overdyed, 35 weight 100% high merc. long staple cotton.  (35 weight European = 24 weight American)

So now I have managed to get some…thanks Jenn for your eagle-eyed shopping skills

image of Valdani Threads

These will be beautiful to Broderie Perse with.  I’ve laid them out on this piece of Smithsonian Broderie Perse-able fabric because it was the only fabric I could bring to mind when choosing thread colours in a hurry.  But I see I should have slowed down and thought about it a bit more…too many orangey/reds.

I’m sure I’ll add some more colours but for now I’m happy to have found the threads, the Australian distributor and also Valdani’s website.



  1. You will love the thread – it is soft and handles great. You selected great colors!

  2. I love their threads too.
    great choices . oh I love that fabric underneath the thread :)
    Lucky you finding that one too.

  3. Hi Margaret, Any idea where I might be able to locate some of the Smithsonian broderie perse fabric these days? I have put it in the Sarah Morell quilt (pattern by Di Ford) but am running very short of it.
    Many thanks and I love your stuff!!!

  4. Margaret says:

    Hi Debbie,
    it was available on ebay for quite some time and that was where I was able to get some. But I have just gone on and had a look, unfortunately there is none left at all…up until a couple of months ago there was one colour left (blue I think)
    How much are you needing? I could spare some of the blue, enough to do a few BP blocks (the gold is ‘spoken for’ in a project and the purple I too am down to my last little bit)

  5. Unfortunately I am trying to locate the gold. I am still a little hopeful someone in my guild will part with some. I know there is some still out there somewhere!!! I inherited some of the purple from my mother’s cousin who got me into this quilting caper and it is earmarked for a special project she didn’t get to finish.

    • Margaret says:

      I’ll ask a friend too, I know she has some gold but it’s just a matter of if it’s needed for something or not. How much d’you think?…fat 1/4 or fat 1/8

      • Margaret says:

        Debbie in just the last couple of days I’ve had contact with a lady in the States and I am expecting a parcel of Smithsonian fabric to arrive in a while- a long while (I got quite a bit so am having it sent as slow/*cheap* as possible) However there is about 1 yard of the Gold Potpourri which I got on your behalf -if you no longer need it that’s no problem so don’t feel obliged- so as soon as I know it’s definitely on its way, it’s yours if you want it…if you need it soon I can let you have my bit and I’ll take the bit that’s coming as I’m in no hurry.
        Let me know if this helps your search,
        Cheers, Margaret
        PS if you don’t need it it’s no problem, someone else will want it I’m sure -or I can use it ;-)

  6. margaret I am interested in hearing how you like those threads for applique
    I currently use DMC and happy with it but of course always willing to try new threads. I have used their pearle cotton and love it.

    • Margaret says:

      Hi Kathie
      sorry I took so long to get back to you but I had a little play with the threads and am posting about them today…they’re great.
      cheers, Margaret

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