Time flies when you’re sewing.

I am astonished to see it’s a month (or so) since I posted last, but I take comfort noticing that some of my favourite bloggers are doing the same.  Weeks and months are whizzing by in the blink of an eye.

Since May I’ve had an internal monologue of… “life will get a bit less manic, I just have to get through July and August”.

I think I started breathing again on the first of September.

Since I was here last I have…

  1. been on a lovely weekend away with Linda, Bev, Jenn and Debbie to Sorrento.
  2. been working steadily on the Vintage Quilt.
  3. enjoyed a day with lots of other quilters and the Chester County Criswell Quilt at Linda Collin’s home.
  4. finished the last bit of embroidery and finally started quilting the Maltaville Quilt.
  5. finished a quilt for the US with Jenn and Irene (more about that later, we’ve had to keep it very quiet until recently)
  6. been teaching at Patch n Quilt in Gisborne.
  7. dragged out the Welsh Quilt for more hand quilting (the weather’s been miserable)
  8. been quilting quilts for the  Goldfields Quilters (my LQG) exhibition next month ~ all customers’ quilts done, just mine to do now phew.
  9. finally made a start on reproducing one of the Antique Quilts I bought in Paducah, but I only started that today so does that count in this list?  Oh what the heck, course it can count.

Pictures would be nice wouldn’t they.

Linda blogged ages ago here about the Sorrento Retreat but here’s a few more pics.  It really was a super weekend :-)

image of ironing

Now that's novel

I love this one of Linda,

image of circles

soooo many circles

As well as other sewing, I sewed more circles on the Vintage quilt,

We watched a wonderful movie called The Help.

We all cried, ssshhh don’t tell anyone.

Do see it if you can.

And there were so many books to browse, not just sewing but also our other passion…


And just take a look at the quilt on the floor and keep it in your mind.

image of books galore

Books galore

The Vintage Quilt is coming along nicely, I finally got my design wall up in the cottage.

That sure helped.

image of Vintage quilt progress

Progressing nicely

Just a couple more borders and it will be done.

The day at Linda’s enjoying the Chester County Criswell Quilt was fantastic.

Linda has blogged about it here

Many thanks to Sharon for making the quilt available for us all to enjoy, and to Linda and Bev for a fabulous day, so well organised.

The Maltaville Quilt went on the machine yesterday

image of quilting

I’m sooooo very happy to see this at the next and final stage.

Do you remember this Red and Green quilt, it was one I purchased in the US in April?

image of Antique Quilt

June Orr's 1849 applique quilt

I’ve been intending to recreate it as a pattern and I had drafted the blocks a little while ago.

But today, I finally got fabric happening.

The impetus?

I’m going on a retreat with my LQG this weekend and I needed some handwork ~ easy to transport, not too taxing.

But warning, it’s not Red and Green.

image of large block

One of the large blocks

I think I must have trouble with two fabric quilts.

I love them~ I really do, but it’s just there are so many great fabrics that it’s hard to stop at two!

So now for the Irene’s, Jenn’s and my ‘secret’ quilt.

If you’re on Facebook you could take a little look at the link below then I’ll try and fill you in as best I can cos it’s a bit of a long story.


Are you back? Did you see a quilt that looked like the one on Linda’s floor in Sorrento?

Crazy huh!

When Irene and I were away in the US we met fabric and quilt designer Marianne Elizabeth.

I could talk for an hour on the serendipity that brought the three of us together, but trust me, it was a fabulous bit of fate.

So, we chatted about fabric and quilts, then Marianne showed us some pieces from her newest fabric collection

 Arabella Rose

and invited us to design a new quilt using them.

What a thrill.

So a big part of why I (and Jenn & Irene too if I can be so bold as to speak for them) have been a teeny bit quiet around blogland is that we have been sewing, and sewing and sewing and sew…

The quilt is called Harmony Rose and we want to introduce it to you properly ~ and in a special way ~ very soon.

You’ll just have to be patient a little bit longer, there’s just a bit more to do on the promotion.

And there’ll be a pattern of course.

I’m going to sign off for the night, it’s quite late oooh it’s suddenly tomorrow.

til soon



  1. Lovely Post Maragret, You might not have been posting often but you do have a lot to tell.
    Can’t wait to see the Marianne Elizabeth quilt you have been working on and love the quilt you bought in Paducah.

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