Prussian Blues, an almost wordless post!!

Oh Boy, if only someone would reproduce these…please somebody, anybody!!

image of Prussian Blue and Buff fabric

Prussian Blue and Buff fabric detail

I’ve got about four or five photo’s to post here.  All these fabrics are from quilts in the collection of Janet O’Dell and I had the pleasure of looking at them over the weekend at the Quilt Study Group Australia Seminar ‘Unfolding Tradition‘.

These few quilts were only a taste of what we saw during Janet’s presentation

Traditional Quilt Turning of selected pre 1850 Quilts and Coverlets

Many thanks to Janet for showing these stunningly beautiful pieces from her collection and allowing me to show some pictures here of the fabrics in the quilts and coverlets.

image of Prussian Blue Ombre stripe fabric

Prussian Blue Ombre Stripe

The first two photo’s are from the same quilt.

These fabrics are in no particular order, I’m just grabbing them out of the folder.

image of Prussian Blue and Buff

Prussian blue and Buff...eccentric, vermiculate print?

These few quilts are a mix of British and American quilts and all 1800- 1850 approximately.

iamge of Prussian Blue fabrics

a selection of Prussian Blue fabrics

image of Prussian Blue Ombre Stripe

Prussian Blue Ombre Stripe

I have more to share over the weeks, we had 8 different presentations over the weekend so this is just a small taste

It was the most fantastic weekend, Thank you to Janet O’Dell (convenor) and all the organizers and speakers.

You can imagine I’m a weeny bit exhausted.

til soon :-)


  1. Oh Margaret, a lady after my own heart. I long for some of this colour. I have some but in a modern print (right colour/wrong fabric) and I have some which is supposed to be the right blue but isn’t by a million miles.
    I find it’s the same with Turkey red, the red is never intense enough.
    It does make the hunting exciting though….

  2. Yes, those prussian blues a hard to come by at the moment.
    We just have to hope that Windham here the cry and bring out some more some time soon.

    Look forward to seeing the rest of the quilts .

  3. I love these colours, I so wish I had the opportunity of attending at that same workshop. It’s so hard to find these luscious colours in todays fabric options. Your right Sally, the hunting is so much fun.

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