Once you cut you’re commited.

It’s a long weekend here in Australia, Queen’s Birthday weekend.  Aaah the perks of still being a Colony ;-)
My home country of New Zealand celebrated last weekend, Queen’s birthday is celebrated the first Monday of June there.

What does that have to do with commiting to cut?

I don’t think either country is seeking to cut ties with Great Britain anytime real soon, so nothing really!

It’s just that it’s our  first long weekend of winter, so I hibernate… and in the best British tradition, I potter.

The fire is roaring & maybe I’ll bake a cake this afternoon.

A suitably British looking fire place, not mine alas.

And then make something hearty for dinner.

But most importantly, I’m making time for sewing more of this.

image of applique block

And I’m ‘commiting to cut’.

I have sewn the last flower down during the week (I know pretty poor effort for a whole week LOL) and now want to

concentrate on the basket.

It’s a big shape and I always intended to break it up a bit with some reverse applique to reveal more of the blue.

I had only a very loose idea in my head, perhaps  a trio of shapes, curving-ish.

I traced the basket again on to paper and using the paper cut method, folded and… cut.

image of paper folding/cutting

good old Scherenschnitte, in its simplest form

Open it out and Voila!

image of paper cutting

Yeah, that's okay

Try it on for size.

image of template

I think that could work.

I fancy that I work quite impulsively, all this has taken about five minutes, but then something happens and I start to vacillate.

I’m pretty sure it’s a Libra thing.

I have to fiddle about and start changing things.

Maybe it could use some circles? There are lots of circles in the block.

image of paper cutting

Oh no, go back!

It suddenly looks like a face, or a ghost.

Maybe it always looked like a ghost.

What is it people say?

Quit while you’re ahead.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Learn to leave well enough alone.

Well I haven’t cut yet, but I have drawn it on so I feel commited.

iamge of ready to make the first cut

That pencil mark's not going to come off easily so I'm ready to cut.

I’m just finishing my coffee and then I’m cutting, starting with just the centre shape.  Just in case I want to ‘tweak’ a little.

Enjoy your weekend, whether it be long or short, hot or cold.

til soon



  1. Lovely vase – and I agree – leave off the dots :) I recognise that pretty Smithsonian fabric too – lovely. Enjoy your weekend too!

    • Margaret says:

      Hi Hilda, I have just had a look at your blog…wow nice to see what you’re working on and of course I spotted some Smithsonian fabric in lots of your projects, very nice to meet someone who shares a love of the same fabrics. Sherry is a good friend of mine so I am glad you have found her, we actually met through ‘that fabric’ haha and have formed a real connection.
      M :-)

  2. Hi Margaret.
    Your block is really lovely. I think the vase is gonna look great. Loved your photo shoot looked like a lot of fun.

    • Margaret says:

      Hi Sharon, Thank you :-) Will drop you an email soon, I’m not going to get to Taupo this month as hoped but will be in NZ in August. timing…sometimes it just doesn’t go in our favour:-(
      But would like to catch up if possible
      M :-)

  3. oh I love this block , will it be a quilt pattern ???
    ok I like the idea of cutting it, go for it!
    I don’t think it looks like a face :) LOL
    love the blue leaves and stems, wow

    • Margaret says:

      Hi Kathie, Blue stems are great aren’t they. I actually am not a huge fan of green, I find it difficult to use in quilts, don’t wear it and don’t really have it in my home. I have greens in the stash, they come out and go back :-( except for the Maltaville of course. So Blue seemed a good option. It will be a pattern…eventually LOL
      Good to hear from you, I haven’t been doing alot of blog looking lately, will stop by soon to see what you’re up to
      M :-)

  4. It’s a gorgeous block! I love the colors and fabrics you chose.

    • Margaret says:

      Many thanks Becky, I have fun with the fabrics, always now trying to incorporate some Smithsonian fabric as I just love the tones and patterns. Thanks for dropping by
      Margaret :-)

  5. I really thought the added circles were a wonderful addition. Love your applique work as usual.:)

    • Margaret says:

      Hi Audrey, many thanks for the kind words and input. Now that that part is sewn I do think it needs a little more of ‘something’.
      M :-)

  6. Hello Margaret-
    It’s been a while since I stopped by. Sorry! The quilts are looking lovely (I scrolled back through some older posts I had missed) and it looks like your “slow and steady” is winning a race. You certainly have a lot of lovely finished quilts.

    As you cuddle under covers, wishing to be near a fireplace we on this side of the globe, at least here in Vermont, are wilting from high heat and humidity! Ice is all I think about these days…lots of it in a glass of tea with lots of lemon.

    I like the slits in the vase but I would skip the circle; either way it’s gorgeous.

    • Margaret says:

      Hi Marsha, no don’t apologise at all. Life gets in the way of things for all of us. It’s good to hear from you. Good to hear you’re enjoying summer’s delights LOL especially a cool drink…hopefully it is not too hot for stitching. Are you heading south again this year? Glad you like the quilt, Juries still out on the circles LOL, we’ll see :-)

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