OMG Ombre and some new patterns

I’ve been enjoying working with some Ombre fabrics which have been in my stash for a wee while,

and I confess I’m still adding new ones to my shelves.

Ombre fabric, also known as a Rainbow or Fondu print, was very fashionable with quiltmakers during the 1830-1850 period.  The fabrics created shading and interest to applique quilts (think epergne vases in Baltimore Album quilts) 

On my shelves these two ombres started inching their way forward ’til they fell off, giggling and holding hands and I noticed them again.

image of Ombre fabrics

Classic (not to mention gorgeous) Ombres.

And of course then I got enthused.

image of Wild Goose Chase block

Wild Goose Chase, working title OMG Ombre

So I have a few more blocks to make…I will be alternating the Wild Goose Chase blocks with another pieced block.  Yay, a chance to use more ombres and I’m happy to have some more machine piecing to do after months of hand stitching.

 The hand stitching I’m doing is piecing my 1800s Sunburst blocks.

image of Sunburst blocks

1800s Sunburst blocks.

I am just loving the fabrics in this quilt, again I’m pulling out oldies but goodies along with newies.

image of 1800s Sunburst quilt

Marcus Bros. Aged Muslin and (in no particular order) a bounty of 1800s fashionable fabrics.

 And ombres feature here too. This pic is just from the last time it was up on the design wall and I coudn’t resist sewing four together so I could see how the applique would work as a secondary pattern.

Two recent-ish quilt finishes are


Margot, after my Mother-in-law Margot DeCamp and Margo Krager ~ whose fabrics I adore and use A LOT :-)

Margot, after my Mother-in-law Margot DeCamp and Margo Krager ~ whose fabrics I adore and use A LOT :-)

and Rising Sun Medallion

Rising Sun Medallion

Rising Sun Medallion

I’ve also finally updated my Pattern page with some new additions, I’m very excited to have some more patterns for sale.

A cup of tea and some more sewing beckons,

happy stitching 

til soon



  1. LOVE those ombre fabrics. I have some of them both. Always on the lookout for Margo’s fabrics, but they are hard to come by in my area. :(

    • Hi Becky, I have to tell you the story of the raspberry coloured Margo Krager fabric, I only bought it last year, in a little shop (not really even a quilt shop, just odds and ends of fabric and stuff) in a small town. $10.00 a metre, (very cheap for us in Australia) Cash only!! Oh wow what a find!!! Lucky I’m tall as it was up high on a shelf and I was the only one in the shopping party that saw it, and could reach it. I have no idea how old it is, nor how long ago Margo designed for Clothworks. Oh and of course I bought the rest of the bolt :-)

  2. I just love all your projects and have to admit to a great weakness for ombres too – they do add some great movement to a quilt! OMG block is beautiful in these colours as are all the Sunburst blocks. I suspect you have just my kind of stash :)

    • Thank you Hilda, yes Ombres are superb…especially when they are prussian blue lol my fave colour. The sunbursts I am loving…LOL, yes I bet we do have the same kind of stash, it’s just wonderful isn’t it to be able to connect over the miles :-)

  3. Hi Margaret
    Great to have you blogging again, love your quilts they are fabulous. Great find with the ombre fabric. I just had a look in my stash and have found one I never knew I had, must have brought it by default, I will look at it differently from now on.

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