More Maltaville and another Sydney Quilt

An icy snap has descended on Central (or maybe all) Victoria…I think there is snow not far away.

I have been up in my sewing room today, drafting.

I still haven’t moved in to the cottage…I’ve decided it needs major worka floor length window I would prefer to be a door and the solid door needs windows in it, but all that’s another story for another day.

So I drafted and prepped another Maltaville block today, some of you are keeping up so well I need to keep at it.

image of B5

B5 prepped.

It’s ready to sew tonight…hope there’s something good on the telly.

I’ll add the calyxes to the buds last.

For this one the main stem is narrower at the top than at the bottom so I will needle turn that whole stem.  For the other stems in this block I was able to use a bias maker.

A couple of weeks ago I realised I didn’t have any blocks from the second row done …Row B.

So this is the block I prepped in readiness for Sydney and did absolutely zilch.

image of B8

All finished now though luckily.

Fiona from Country Threads in the UK has written to let me know she has deciphered the poem from the Maltaville centre block and between us we have worked out which block another poem comes from so we may be able to give some more information for the quilt.

Thank you Fiona.

Here’s another quilt that I really liked from the Sydney Quilt Show.

It’s a favourite traditional pattern…it’s been on my to do list for a long time.

image of World of Feathers

World of Feathers by Wendy Whellum

Wendy is one of the Maltaville Ladies.

I really like the simple palette of blues & tan, and the red stars where the blocks join make the whole quilt very dynamic.

This is Hand Pieced and Hand Quilted…twice…yes that’s right.

Wendy first quilted it 1″ apart then felt it didn’t look right so added another row to the Baptist Fan design.

The Baptist Fan is perfect…it has such a lot of movement.

image of wendy's quilt detail

Check out those points...perfect.

Of course before I looked up and saw on the label that this was Wendy’s quilt, I noticed this piece of Smithsonian fabric.

Thank you Wendy for letting me share your gorgeous quilt.

I have sent out a request on my yahoo group about the other Sydney quilts I want to show so hopefully it will yield some results.

til soon…


  1. Thanks for showing my quilt Margaret. Not only is this quilt twice quilted, but twice washed as well. After the first washing I noticed that some of the markings for the quilting lines did not come off. Got to work with the toothbrush on the quilt, and the Sards soap, and put it back into the washing machine. That is why the quilt has that “old world” antique look that we love! Wendy W

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