Oh dear, people are starting to mention it.

lazy bones

It’s true… I mean I knew I hadn’t blogged for *Ages* but consoled myself with the thought that no one had said anything, so all is OK…no one thinks I’m a lazy bones. But now you’re starting to notice. And I’m very pleased cos it’s so easy to get out of the blogging habit and […]

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I’m Houston bound tomorrow

image of Roses from my garden

I’m feeling a little bit exhausted after a busy few weeks getting ready for this trip, I just wanted to enjoy them, if only for a moment. Today I finalised the last bit of hand sewing I’ll take with me, You may recgnise some early repro’s in the pic….RJR’s Sarah Johnson Collection as well as […]

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image of Spring

I was thinking of the sorrow and joy DH (Lindsay) and I have had here at chez Quilt Station over the last few months, it’s just ‘life’ and the same for all of us really.  And it has been a whirlwind of racing hither and thither, but at the same time still just going through […]

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Once you cut you’re commited.

image of union jack pillows

It’s a long weekend here in Australia, Queen’s Birthday weekend.  Aaah the perks of still being a Colony My home country of New Zealand celebrated last weekend, Queen’s birthday is celebrated the first Monday of June there. What does that have to do with commiting to cut? I don’t think either country is seeking to […]

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Lights, Camera … Action!

image of A Stack of Quilts

Thursday and Friday were clutter filled and busy days at my place… Why? I turned the living room in to a Photographic Studio! I had finally found time to set aside a day (but then needed two) to photograph quilts and get pattern covers designed for a ‘stack’ of quilts. I had planned to do […]

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Trying to Stash Bust the Favourite Repro’s

image of Sail Boats crib quilt

A little while back I started a small quilt, maybe it could be called a Crib Quilt  I used up some smallish pieces from my remnant bins, rather than larger pieces from the shelves. Of course I have hardly made a dent in the stash LOL, but I had fun choosing from pieces of my […]

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Autumn ~ gardening and sewing.

image of Rose

I’m feeling a little neglectful, disappearing since February… eeek It wasn’t intentional, and I wish I could say I’ve been here, there and everywhere. But in fact I’ve mostly been right here at home, just doing stuff. Which has been very nice. All of a sudden, it’s Autumn and I love it, this is my […]

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Just catching up

image of modern quils

What a great January I had! I take the whole month *off* so I can *work* on my own things, bit of a contradiction I know. However it’s all very enjoyable for me so doesn’t feel like work, and I often use the term ‘pottering about’ so it’s all very much at a summer pace. […]

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Documenting a Smithsonian Heritage Quilt kit.

image of Smithsonian Institute Quilt Kit

One of the things I was lucky enough to bring back from the US, due entirely to my friend Sherry’s generosity, thank you , was a quilt kit from the Smithsonian Institute.  I will make it up but instead of just ripping it open (my usual M O) we talked about documenting it as it […]

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Summer Sewing

image of sewing day

The temperature is rising as the week rolls along, 30 today (86F) 38 tommorow (100F) and 40 Friday (104F) and back to 34 Saturday (93F) It’s a good time to be a hermit which I confess I am in January.  Apart from two walks around the corner to our little shop for mail/paper/milk I have […]

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