Just catching up

What a great January I had!

I take the whole month *off* so I can *work* on my own things, bit of a contradiction I know.

However it’s all very enjoyable for me so doesn’t feel like work, and I often use the term ‘pottering about’ so it’s all very much at a summer pace.

This January my main tasks were to get some patterns written up and get the Maltaville Album Quilt ready as a complete pattern package.  Plus I wanted to get two of my own quilts completed (borders on or blocks joined) and quilted, they are just simple, fun quilts and I planned to try new pantograph quilt patterns on them.

And on the home front there were some special cooking things I wanted to do, fancy myself as a bit of a foodie I do ;-)

So how much did I achieve and how far did I get sidetracked LOL.

image of modern quils

two modern quilts finished off and quilted.

I have sewn the binding on but have yet to hand stitch to the back, that can wait ’til Autumn.

The one on the left is a quilt I started ages ago with a Layer Cake of fun, modern fabrics.  The pattern is Memories of Japan by Suzanne Lyle and is especially for layer cakes.  The quilt on the right is the result of playing with some bold geometric prints that came home with me after a trip to Amitie quilt shop in Melbourne.  Of course both these quilts were intended to be a quick and fun diversion but took about four and two years respectively to complete.  Haha like I say January is the month to potter and finish.

I did get all the Maltaville Block patterns  redone to A3 pages and added new history info to the pattern sheets.

image of MaltavilleAlbum Quilt detail

Maltaville Album Quilt centre block

What can slow me down is getting the photo’s suitable for pattern covers so that’s the hold up with that.  It’s always a two person job for starters.  I have several quilts to do now so a day will be set aside in the very near future. Very near!

I wrote up the patterns for two antique quilts and they are only waiting on their photo’s.

I did this oneimage of stars quilt

and this one

image of Red and white quilt

didn’t get as far as I’d hoped on this one

image of Antique star quilt

or this one

image of antique quilt

I got a little side tracked with this new basket quilt

but haven’t actually done anymore on it since I showed it last

image of Basket quilt

No name except basket quilt

And more than a little side tracked on this

image of Eagle Quilt

Eagle Quilt

The next exciting thing is the Eastleigh Quilt and pattern appearing in the April issue of Homespun magazine (volume 14 #5)

image of Eastleigh Quilt

Eastleigh Quilt

Eastleigh is an English Frame quilt, named after my Grandmother’s home town in Hampshire UK.  Today *would be* her 108th birthday.  I had such fun creating this quilt for Homespun and can’t wait to see it in print.

happy stitching and til soon



  1. Goodness what a lot of projects you have on the go! The Maltaville pattern pack sounds very tempting (not that I need more projects either). Better get a copy of that Homespun magazine too…

  2. You do such beautiful work Margaret, it’s inspiring. Looking forward to seeing your quilt in Homespun, as well as the progress of Maltaville. You have now given me encouragement to get going again myself, lost the plot for a while. Back to finishing off one of your earlier patterns, Delectable Mountains.

    • Hi Joy, thank you. wow the Delectable Mountains :-0 that’s going back a while. A great pattern tho, I’m gonna make another one day. Kurt’s got the original.

  3. What a fun month wish I was there to see all these projects in person!
    I really hope a few of them will be patterns, make sure you let us know when the patterns are available. Looking forward to seeing what your next big appliqué project is. hint????

    • Hi Kathie. Oh if only I could finish something :-o I definitely have some patterns coming soon and you’ll see it here. Yes what fun if we could all transcend the miles and have a sewing day together.

  4. Hi Margaret
    Looking forward to seeing your quilt in the Homespun mag. I also enjoyed your quilts in Quiltmania.
    Nice to have a break over the summer.

    • Hi Sharon, thank you. I’m still hoping to get to NZ in July and hope to catch up if we’re in Taupo at the same time. Will keep you posted.
      M :-)

  5. Love the Eastleigh quilt – beautiful,calm and gentle, unlike the behaviour of politicians in the by-election happening in Eastleigh today! Hoping my hands will thaw out enough to be able to sew today.

    • Hi Sally, haha Pollies behaving badly !! I can hardly believe it. So are you from that area? My Grandmother was actually born in the little village of Allbrook, and went to school in Otterbourne, all swallowed up by greater Eastleigh now. I visited in 2006 and had fun exploring the surrounds, very pitcturesque.
      M :-)

  6. I just saw your Eastleigh quilt on another blog, and found you by google. I love this quilt and would like to buy the magazine/pattern. I live in Virginia, USA, and don’t know where to buy it. Is the magazine sold in America? Beautiful quilt. I love the colours!


    • Margaret says:

      Hi Judy, thank you :-) Homespun magazine is for sale in the US, non airfreighted so it is quite a few months behind. I know a friend there has bought the magazine, probably at Barnes and Noble. I will be putting the pattern on the website soon, just have to wait another week or so to fulfil contract reqs. So if you have no luck in the shops there, do let me know. Thanks for writing, I appreciate it.
      happy stitching,

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