Just a bit of a (long) catch up

I was going to say “where do the weeks go. . .”

meaning my US trip is approaching at an alarming rate (2 weeks til departure day and still a lot to do)

However as I was preparing some photo’s for today’s post, it suddenly felt like

“where do the years go?”

as my gorgeous boy child

image of Dylan

is gettin’ hitched, his words, just a few days after my return. I wish I were exagerating.

So in addition to the items on the ‘to do’ list was a worrying “when will I have time to shop for the wedding?”

Well the wedding frock gods were shining on me the other day. I went to the Essendon Quilt Exhibition (always a fabulous show) and timed it with some errands I needed to do in the area. Wedding shopping wasn’t on my mind for that day.

But I chanced upon a shop that looked promising and found something.  It’s the complete opposite of what I had in mind (which was a long silk shirt over trousers)

image of dress

wee bit glam

Only need to decide which shoes to wear.

However, after a nose bleed inducing amount of hours flying back from Boston, I am probably being optimistic about either of those shoes.

“I have been sewing”

Oh boy oh boy have I been sewing!

Last time I posted I had three Maltaville blocks to draft/sew and a couple of pesky calyxes to add to the centre.

Drum roll.

image of Block B2

Block B2

I seem to have not taken a photo of its neighbour B3 (don’t know how or why that happened)

But the final block I drafted and sewed was G7

image of Block G7 progress

Block G7 in progress

This one took some time, not one I could prep in one hit :-(

image of Block G7

Block G7

but finished now none the less.

I have trimmed the Centre block

image of Centre Block

If ever there was a case of the maxim measure twice, cut once this is it.

Of course I measured a lot more than twice LOL.

Then continued with the assembly of blocks

image of joining the blocks

and just yesterday sewed the last seam

image of Maltaville quilt

And now realise I’ve photgraphed it upside down :-(

But that’s as much as I will do on it til I get back,

I will worry about any embroidery and border treatment, not to mention the quilting, later.

I have started prepping some pieces for my travelling sewing, but will show that soon.

I will have my LQG Raffle Quilt to quilt as soon as it comes to me, which I know is imminently.

Here’s a sneak peak as we were assembling it last week

image of Goldfields Quilters raffle quilt 2012

image of Goldfields Quilters Raffle Quilt

They look pretty pleased with themselves don't they

Apologies for the colour, there is wierd overhead lighting which is great to work by but does awful things to photo’s

I am going to be updating some pages on the website this afternoon, I hope, hope, hope you don’t get swamped with emails about updates.

I’ve been a bit scared to do anything on it in case.

But I apologise if it does happen, I’ll be ready to bin the page if it happens again.

til soon



  1. LOVE Maltaville all sewn up – looks beautiful! and in fact so does the raffle quilt. I am busy trying to prep some sewing to take with me on the long trip. Just bought a Kindle Fire so that we can access our email anywhere in the US!! Love it! See you in two weeks time at 8am at Melbourne Airport. Yeah!!!!!!!

  2. Maud Sirot says:

    Je suis française et je quilte depuis 12 ans. Depuis le début je souhaite correspondre avec une amie australienne car j’apprécie tout particulièrement le travail que vous faites. Il est plein d’humour et de fraîcheur. Il y a 6 ans , j’ai même fait copier, par les dames de mon club, un ouvrage d’une de vos revues pour fêter les 10 ans de notre club. Travail très réussi, et si vous avez un peu de temps pour correspondre avec moi , je vous enverrai une photo de l’ouvrage en question. J’ai beaucoup aimé le reportage dans QUILT MANIA, c’est ainsi que j’ai eu connaissance de votre site. A très bientôt j’espère.MAUD

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