I’m Houston bound tomorrow

I’m feeling a little bit exhausted after a busy few weeks getting ready for this trip,

image of Roses from my garden

My Roses are just starting to bloom and look lovely after a light Spring shower.

I just wanted to enjoy them, if only for a moment.

image of Roses from my garden

Today I finalised the last bit of hand sewing I’ll take with me,

image of Medallion style quilt in progress

A new medallion quilt I'm working on, the 8 pointed stars will keep me out of mischief

You may recgnise some early repro’s in the pic….RJR’s Sarah Johnson Collection as well as their Smithsonian Collection, all working well with new-ish ranges from Paula Barnes and Mary Koval.

I know there’ll be time for sewing…Blogging I’m not so sure as I won’t have my laptop.  I do plan to use FaceBook while I’m away so I hope to see you on there.

til soon

Margaret :-)


  1. Sue Watters says:

    I’m envying you seeing all those vintage quilt dealers and the wonderful array of quilts that will be on show.
    Have a wonderful time.

  2. Have a wonderful trip, look forward to your posts.
    Maybe I will get there next year.

  3. Lucky you – have a great trip! Lovely roses and this looks like a beautiful medallion project!

    • Wow I would love to own all of them! The one that really caught my eye was SFW1209. The blues and black with the hint of flowers is just so wodnfreul.

  4. I too am envying you – what fun you’re going to have. Leonie, Mary AND Linda? I can just hear the laughter already. Make sure you take LOTS of photos and keep these posts coming!

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