Connecticut Quilt c.1865-1890

I got so well organised with my Connecticut Quilt basket handles last Friday, that I finished appliqueing the handles on Friday night!!! (mid-winter here so a night in front of the fire, a glass of red and some hand-sewing…aaaahh bliss)

Therefore I didn’t take them to the Melton Quilt -In on Saturday after all and I managed to finish two more blocks for the Sarah Morrell Quilt instead, so I am very happy about that.

Sorry it’s just a short post for you today but I am going to get out the machine and sew the handles to the basket ‘bottoms’ as soon as I’ve made my morning coffee…It will be a great morale boost to get this basket border on, the poor Connecticut Quilt has been just a centre star block for a long time.

talk soon…


  1. Hi Margaret – so glad you left me a comment because now I’ve found your blog! Also added your blog to my sidebar – hope that’s ok. Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely work.
    Best wishes

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