Catching up…again.

Violet (my trusty longarm) and I have been working overtime lately as the Melbourne Quilt Show is just around the corner.

The Exhibition quilts which had been booked in months and months ago have steadily been arriving in the studio as the Quilt Show draws closer.

I’m pleased to say that the final Exhibition quilt was finished and given back to its owner on Friday.

Apart from a quick trip to the Physio (routine maintenance) I have not left the property in over a week nor done any ‘other’ sewing so there wasn’t anything to blog about really.

I want to show you just a couple of other quilts from the Sydney Quilt Show last month which I really liked and then I think normal blogging can resume.

Many thanks to Pam Curtis and Shirley Gibson for letting me show their quilts and also to the repro lovers yahoo group for helping me find Pam and Shirley.

When I  read on Pam’s quilt label that she started her Dear Jane in 1996 I thought “there’s gotta be some Smithsonian in there” and I wasn’t disappointed.

image of Dear Jane quilt detail

There are four Smithsonian fabrics in this pic.

image of Dear Jane detail

Hand Pieced and Hand Quilted

Pam’s Dear Jane, named ‘A Passage in Time’, features lots of Smithsonian fabrics but also many other pretty but muted repros.  The quilt has a very beautiful mellow look as a result of that but also because of the hand piecing and hand quilting.

image of Dear Jane quilt detail

This last quilt is Red, Green Again by Shirley Gibson.  It won three awards including Excellence in Hand Quilting.

I didn’t take any closeups because what I admire is the absolute precision with the applique placement.  See how the grids and circular shapes intertwine… perfectly.  Just fabulous.

image of Red, Green Again quilt

Red, Green Again by Shirley Gibson

I know the Melbourne Quilt Show will be just as inspiring as the Sydney one.

My LQG, The Goldfields Quilters, will have 16 quilts on display in a special area of the Exhibition and I’ll be helping to ‘man’ our display on the Thursday morning.

Please stop by and say hello if you’re there :-)


  1. As the owner of the last quilt to be done, I wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you for a FANTASTIC job on my quilt….I had almost fallen OUT of love with it, even after so many headaches and all the hard work, but now the end is in sight and I am back motivated again.

    I LOVE the quilting you have done, and I hope everyone else does also, so THANK YOU again…it is very much appreciated.


  2. Margaret says:

    You’re very welcome Rachel, you did a fantastic job of drafting and making this quilt and your colour/fabric choices are wonderful. you should be very proud of yourself :))

  3. The red and green quilt is amazing!!!

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