Can’t talk but I can still write…

A week ago at Bookclub, all the other members were talking about their (losing) battles with the latest winter flu.

“have you had it?” one of my bookie friends asked.

“No I never get sick, about 8 years ago I had what my Doctor called ‘the once in 10 year flu’ so I’ll be right for another couple of years”


Since the weekend I have felt ghastly.

On doing my sums it’s actually 11 years since I had the once in 10 year flu.

(I’ll be seeing my Doctor later today and squeaking to her that I got a one year bonus)

My voice has all but gone.

Anyway, that means it wasn’t until this morning that I gathered the energy to pop all your names in a box for the draw of Smithsonian fabrics.

image of all in for a chance

Looks pretty good odds to me…

I got DH to draw out two names as I don’t want anyone visiting while I’m all contagious and revolting,

and he picked out Lynne and Mary-Jo in that order.

image of winners

So Lynne, you get these ones

image of giveaway

and Mary Jo you get these ones

image of giveaway 2

Congratulations to you both.

Email me your snail mail addresses and I’ll get them in the post to you :-)

I’ve got quilting work to do today, it’s one of mine on the machine and not terribly difficult (not a lot of brain power needed for that one)

but I will leave you with a photo of the Maltaville centre, still under construction.

image of centre

Surprisingly that one bunch of grapes was only one evening’s work, from making the 21 individual grapes to sewing them down.

til soon…


  1. Congratulations to Lynne and Mary Jo!

    Hope you’re feeling MUCH better tomorrow, Margaret!!!!!

  2. Margaret so sorry to hear you are sick. Not nice. I hope someone is looking after you!
    Excited about winning some of your treasures Smithsonian. I will treasure it too as I love it. Have a small stash but do not have those fabrics in it so Lucky me.
    Congratulations to Mary Jo too.

    The Maltaville centre is looking good. Love the grape leaf fabric.

    Take Care of yourself and Get Well soon

  3. Hope you’re better soon – the flu is nasty. I’m looking forward to the center block.

  4. Sorry your feeling poorly- Thank goodness you do only get the flu every 11 years. Hope you feel better sooooooon.
    Congratulations to the winners – Nice fabrics to win.

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