2012, i think it’s gonna be a good one.

It’s certainly started off well anyway,

Friends, quite literally, wandered in on a whim about 8pm New Year’s eve to see what we were doing…

image of Max and Benson

Max and Benson,

…which wasn’t a lot,  but we soon had something celebratory happening.

And it was 2012 when they left.

We have had very hot weather here during the first week of January, several days of temps around 36 to 40 degrees C (97 – 104F) so it was way too hot to be over in the cottage/studio.

Instead I decided to work in the house and get a couple of my own quilts quilted.

image of quilt detail

Image of Quilt

A quilt of many names and inspirations

Quilting this quilt top was on my Summer hol’s to do list after I finally embroidered the three pairs of legs and four eyes required to complete the quilt about a month ago.

I started this quilt back in 2008, it’s a Nonie Fisher pattern from a quilt she started in 1998 which she called ‘As Time Goes By’ after the (fabulous) British TV series of the same name starring Dame Judy Dench and Geoffrey Palmer.  I’ve known Nonie for many years and she told me the quilt was based on the one which was always on the bed in this show, but you only ever saw the sides (masses of pinwheels) and not the top of it so we never knew what the whole quilt looked like.

So Nonie drew up the centre from the 1818 Ann Daggs quilt and placed that in the centre of her pinwheel quilt.

Fast forward to 2008 when I was doing a class with Nonie, and she very kindly gave me the pattern sheet for the centre of this quilt and a photo of her quilt for reference.

My quilt then evolved just a little bit more as I took out two of the birds from the Ann Daggs quilt and replaced them with the Peacock and Elephant from the 1858-1863 Bird of Paradise quilt top in the collection of the American Folk Art Museum.  I had been in Rajasthan, India in 2008 and was looking to have a reminder of that.  The Peacock is the State symbol of Rajasthan and, well the Elephant needs no explanation, I saw plenty of those on the roads.

So at last my quilt is done, after I’ve stitched the binding down!!

Name…? it’s working title has been The Rajasthan Quilt but I’m not sure that now feels right.  I’ll ponder it a while.

Next on the list was this…

image of Le Rouvray House quilt

Le Rouvray's house quilt

…which I talked about back here

image of Quilting in progress

Quilting in progress

image of Le Rouvray house quilt detail

I had fun quilting this, randomly choosing between bricks for the houses and trailing vines

image of Le Rouvray House Quilt

Le Rouvray House quilt

Today it’s a bit cooler so, after lunch, I am heading off to the cottage/studio to complete the two half drafted Maltaville Blocks which are lying in wait for me.

Look at this though…I have made sure I’ve remembered to “slow down, smell the coffee

image of coffee art

Coffee, Central Victoria style


  1. happy new year! OH I JUST LOVE that house quilt, your fabric choices are just perfect…..Your applique quilt is beautiful, love the elephant and the center block is just beautiful. How big is the quilt?
    what a fun cup of coffee, I have never been to a shop that does that , beautiful.
    Thanks for writing your blog, always inspiring to me

    • Thanks Kathie, hope 2012 is a great year of quilting for all of us. The applique quilt is 80″ square, those are 8″ pinwheels. Most of my quilts are ‘big’, i love your little quilts and would love to get some made some time soon.
      That coffee is cute isn’t it…here in Australia there is quite a ‘coffee culture’, in fact quite a bit of snobbery going on between Melbourne and Sydney over which is the coffee capital!! of course it’s Melbourne ;-) and you usually get a little design on your coffee, although I don’t usually get one quite as picturesque as that, hence the photo.
      I really enjoy your blog too :-)

  2. rose piper says:

    i love the quilting in the house quilt – very cute x

    • Thanks Rose, I’m really pleased with it. I sent a photo to Le Rouvray to show them what you had all done for me. Taking the quilt to Goldfields tonight for show and tell :-)
      M xx

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